Betta fish There are some things you should look for when choosing this type of fish

Your choice Beta fish. Here are some things to look for when selecting a fish.

– Look at the color. Are the beta colors brighter and stronger, or do they look too faded and beautiful? Beta fish Comes in different colors, but red and blue (usually darker colors) are the most common, although they can sometimes be white with some blue or pink spots.

Beta fish

– Does your son respond to your movement? Do fish swim fast in the tank when they see you? Or is it just lying down and not moving? Do not tap the tank frequently. Doing this can stimulate the fish and instead try to move your finger back and forth in front of the batter. However, feel free to buy a fairly modest Beta fish; They usually face a lot of people throughout the day and they can fight very easily. On average, pet stores Beta fish This lifestyle is born to handle many problems.

– Are the fins of the fish in good condition, or have they been torn or otherwise damaged? You should keep in mind that some strains are complex, so they can be slightly torn. Do you have better eyes? Do you see any weird parasites in its body? If you notice something a little unusual, you should consider buying another one Beta fish.

Beta fish

– Sometimes fish can pick you up, not otherwise. If a Beta fish Looking at you, lying down and moving away from its litter, but repeatedly coming back to his bed, consider buying it. Even if he is not healthy, you should buy a fish that you feel attached to. It is better to buy healthy fish than fish. Perhaps he will recover quickly by coming out of the small cup and starting anew in warm, clean water.

– Please be aware of what you are doing before making your purchase Beta fish. You should also know that if your fish can live up to ten years with its care, do some research before buying. Minimum tank size for Beta fish 2.5 gallons with a heater and water purifier. Please don’t do yours Beta fish In a deep bowl or cup; It is very harmful to his health and very small! Yours Beta fish Will not be happy or live long.

– Do some basic research to get some information. There is so much to learn Beta fish, And this is more than the basic principles we just mentioned. Generally speaking, major libraries are not the ones where you can get detailed information, unless it is just by chance and you meet an enthusiastic beta salesperson. In addition to understanding the basics above, you may want to do a more detailed search Beta fish Such as on the website

Since these sites are useful to you even after purchase, the reason is that you will be able to ask any questions, to make sure about health, food and any notes discovered – because beta fish fans are not averse to share their stories on the site.

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