Do you own a Shirazi cat? Here is the best food you can make at home

It’s not very easy because a lot Shirazi cat Usually the house refuses to eat regular meals and this causes extreme confusion and worries the owners Shirazi cat, Especially if they have no experience in keeping cats. As the price of dried food has risen, so has the interest in home-made cat food recipes.

All Shirazi cat Breeders are wondering what Shirazi cats eat? Is the diet of Shirazi cats limited to bones and fish? This is a misconception about cats because cat food should be varied and contain plenty of substances, since proteins, carbohydrates and bones break down the stomach wall of cats, so this is not a choice at all.

And all cat breeders want to know what cats eat from home-cooked meals? It is possible to innovate cat food and create delicious recipes that cats will love, so today we are offering some recipes that are marked as simple and cheap cat food that is made only at home.

The next paragraph on this topic will be about eating Shirazi catFavorite at home, and how to make Shirazi cat Make food and food healthy.

The best food you can make at home for Shirazi cats

Fish, eggs and rice food: –

Fish, rice and egg dishes are one of the most popular home-cooked Shirazi cats: fish dishes are generally the most popular food for cats. At the same time, the food we offer contains eggs and rice, which play a major role in the growth process of cats and provide Shirazi cats with the protein they need for Shirazi cat health.

The amount of food is as follows: –

– 100 to 300 grams of bone-free boiled fish

– Boiled eggs, which are cut into small pieces

– Olive oil

– Two tablespoons of rice.

How to make: –

– Rice without oil or salt is only boiled in water. Once the rice is cooked, add olive oil.

-Then add the chopped fish and eggs in the mixture of rice and olive oil.

– After that, we put this mixture on the fire until it is cooked and the ingredients enter each other.

– Leave the mixture until cool to a normal room temperature, then serve Shiraz Cat.

A food for cats containing smoked salmon: –

Smoked salmon is one of the most favorite foods to eat Shirazi cat At home, which is very much liked by cats and it is one of the most delicious dishes Shirazi cat. It should be noted that cats do not like salmon in their diet because salmon contains some heavy metals.

Ingredients of smoked salmon cat food: –

– 100 grams of smoked salmon.

– Boiled vegetables, carrots, potatoes or others.

– An egg

– One cup or less of milk.

– A quarter cup of any type of cheese.

– Spoon olive oil.

How to make salmon food for Shirazi cats: –

– The oven is initially heated to a high temperature of not less than 150 degrees.

– Bring a metal bowl and brush with olive oil, then place the salmon and boiled vegetables in the metal container.

– Beat eggs in another bowl, add cheese and yoghurt and mix well.

– We put the metal pot in the prepared oven and let it cool for a quarter of an hour.

– The mixture is hardened in the oven on the outside and medium on the inside and the mixture is left to cool and then served to the cats.

Easy way to make dry food at home: –

Dried food is one of Shirazi cat’s favorite foods at home and can be prepared in a simple way as follows and can be considered as a source of protein as it can be made from chicken, turkey, beef, tuna or mackerel. And when making Dari food we must make sure that the meat is well cooked and we must make sure that the food is free of spices, salt and pepper because it is dangerous to health. Shirazi cat.

Ingredients for making home cooked food: –

One cup of flour and whole grains of wheat should be.

One cup of soy flour

One cup of wheat germ

One cup cornmeal

One cup of skim milk

Half a cup of yeast

5 tablespoons of olive oil

One tablespoon of fish oil

Cod liver oil if it is available

Omega-3 capsules

Two cups of water.

One large cup of boiled boneless chicken or one cup of mackerel fish, or you can substitute cooked tuna or ground meat.

The best food you can make at home for Shirazi cats

How to make Shirazi dry food for cats at home: –

In the beginning, to make your favorite Shirazi cat food at home, preheat the oven to a low temperature of 350 degrees Celsius.

In a large bowl mix all the dry ingredients together and place the yeast and all kinds of flour that we mentioned in the ingredients.

We break down the source of protein, be it meat, chicken, tuna or fish, into another big bowl.

Grind the meat well with a large fork until smooth and small pieces.

In another container, mix the liquid ingredients like water, oil and cod liver oil.

Add meat, chicken or fish to dried ingredients, including liquid ingredients, water and oil, sources of protein.

We knead the mixture well until the flour is combined with each other

Roll the dough into marble or a large, straight bowl to make a thin, small slice using a knife.

Place the flour on the parchment paper and we put it in the oven ready for 15 minutes or less.

Roll the flour with a wooden spoon on each side to cook.

We take the dried food out of the oven and leave it to cool, then offer it to Shirazi cats, so that we can make our favorite Shirazi cat food at home.

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