Every Thing About Pekingage Dog-Shaped Character and Companion Features of Prominent People

The Pekingese dog is the companion of the aristocracy and royalty

The Pekingese dog (or as it is called in the Arab world, the Pekingese dog) is one of the sons of Beijing and the companion of the Chinese royal family and aristocracy for centuries.

In this article, we will give you information about Pekenoh dog, its most famous colors, types and ways to take care of it.

It is not surprising that the Pekingese dog, despite its small size, has a prominent place among the puppies, due to its respectable history with the imperial family.

It was widely revered and revered in the court of the Chinese Empire and was raised by kings, princes and nobles.

Peking's dog

The Pekingese dog is the companion of the aristocracy and royalty

If you own a Pekingese dog, whenever you return to your home, he will greet you with majesty and pride, because he knows very well that his ancestors were the companions of kings and nobles.

The Pekingese dog knows who he is, how important he is and the greatness of his lineage, and so he loves to treat him with admiration, love and respect all around him.

This breed is characterized by being very intelligent, and so training them is a challenge for you, because they feel responsible for any situation, so you must convince them that you are responsible and that it is in their best interests to do what you want. .

Pekingese dogs do not respond to rigorous and disciplined training and may become aggressive and possibly bite.

But despite this, it is a very loving dog for his family, but isolated from strangers, and this feature makes it an excellent guard dog.

This is a dog that likes to bark when strangers come near the house, so it is important to teach them from an early age to stop barking. Read the reasons for barking.

This is a very brave dog, but sometimes even reckless, if necessary it will save you from death.

Although small children always fall in love with small dogs, the Pekingese dog is not a good choice for families with small children, because they can treat it fairly without purpose and he will not hesitate to protect himself, so always watch any interaction. Or the interaction between the Pekingese dog and the offspring of the family.

Pekingese dogs do not always mate with other dogs and it takes a long time to get used to other pets.

But with proper socialization, and primarily exposure to many different people and other animals, they can become better friends with other dogs and cats.

Lots of packing dog fur needs daily care. Its long fur needs to be combed daily, and its fur can be trimmed to reduce the burden of combing. Benefits of Dog Haircuts

Peking's dog

If you are looking for a loyal and loving friend who treats you with respect and dignity and expects the same from you, then Pekingese dog may be the right choice.

They need someone who understands their unique needs and wants to make room for a real personality in their life, because Bikini has a unique and independent personality.

The Pekingese dog breed will give you all the love, affection and tenderness, despite its small size its heart is really big.

Pekingese dogs are stubborn breeds that need experience to deal with

History and Origins of the Pekingese Dog.

According to Chinese legend, the lion fell in love with a marmot, a kind of monkey, and because of his intense love for her, he wanted to marry her, so the lion begged the Buddha to reduce his size, but let him keep his heart. And personality. And as a result of this marriage, a breed of full-grown dog, the lion dog, was produced in China.

Maybe that’s not how Pekingese dog breeds came to be, but it’s just an entertaining story.

The Pekingese dog is a very ancient breed, and DNA evidence confirms this, as it is considered one of the oldest breeds of dog.

Pekingese dogs are believed to have existed in China for 2,000 years and are named after their capital, Beijing.

They were the companions of nobles, princes and members of the royal family, and the common people bowed to them with reverence and gratitude.

The Pekingese dog was under strict guard and was not allowed to leave the palace, but the 1860 Opium War drew the attention of the Western world.

When British troops entered the palace after the invasion of Beijing, one of their discoveries was that five dogs from Beijing were guarding the body of their owner, who had committed suicide instead of being taken prisoner.

Peking's dog

The dogs were considered war booty and were taken to England, where two were introduced to the Duchess of Wellington, two to the Duke and Duchess of Richmond and Gordon, and one to Queen Victoria, named “Lotte”.

The breed was rare, although more Pekingese dogs were trafficked from China by the 19th century.

A dog named Pekin Peter was the first bikini dog to be shown at a British dog show in 1894.

The breed was distinguished and unique from all dog breeds at the time, and the Pekin’s Dog Club was founded in 1904.

Naturally, the popularity of the Pekingese dog breed spread across the Atlantic to the United States.

The first Pekingese dog recorded by the American Kennel Club was Rascal in 1906, and the American Kennel Club was formed in 1909. Today, the species ranks 49th out of 155 species.

Pekingese dogs have a long and distinctive coat, so be sure to brush it frequently.

Peking's dog

The size of a picking dog

The Pekingese dog is a heavy dog ​​for its size because it has a sleek, muscular body.

It measures 16 to 22 centimeters on the shoulder and weighs 3 to 7 kilograms.

Character and characteristics of Pekingese dogs.

It may look cool, but BIKENOI has a tougher and bolder personality than a dog …

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