Gloucester canary type and mating error

The Gloucester Canary It is classified as an ornamental or pet bird, and it is a beautiful, easily produced bird that is distinguished by its calmness and tenderness. It was first produced in a country called Gloucestershire in Britain. It was first built by a wedding in England Small Border Canary And a Compact roller canary.

Gloucester Canary Features

Gloucester Canary Has short legs, finely balanced. Feathers smooth, beak small and conical. Gloster size 11 cm.

Its color: It is characterized by all colors, but most of it, which originates from the beginning, is Ethiopian green.

Gloster Canary comes with two types

1- Concert Gloucester Canary

Gloucester Canary

2- Don’t Gloucester Canary

Gloucester Canary

Gloucester Canary Matching error

There are many breeders who make mistakes in mating this species: how? The problem arises when a male corona is combined with a female corona: bald puppies are formed, or puppies die at a young age, why? Because genetics to marry two corona Gloucester Canary Does not fit and there is a conflict between the genes

And it is not possible to marry a white man or a white woman. So I mentioned that the same symptoms would occur and that it was due to the same genetic genes.

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