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Here’s how I explained Gated dual n-back (gated DNB) innovation is an important step forward in the classic dual n-back training. Caution: Some components are quite technical. Simply read up Go to the ‘Summary’ section at the beginning, and then to the last Exec Summary paragraph for Basic Tech-Home.

In my dual n-back post I reviewed the evidence for this Advantages of IQ increase Of Dual N-back Training, Johns Hopkins University is closely monitoring the DNB survey published this month. Compared to other types of brain training on the market, this is 2017’s review All So far, brain training studies have concluded for N-Back:

“Practicing just 20 hours of N-back tasks improves task performance as well as other cognitive processes.”

It even concludes that the benefits are not just seen with the working memory (Glue), But also Fluid intelligence (GF) – The ability to see our relationship and think abstractly:

“The effect of long-distance transfer on the measurement of fluid intelligence is small and is usually observed after N-back training.”

To get a quantitative idea of ​​the effectiveness of the training, below is a diagram from another 2017 review of n-back studies. Surprisingly DNB training improves maximum performance Others n-back work. But it is Also increases IQ – Working memory (Gw) and fluid intelligence (Gf) – as well as cognitive control. (The Effect size The amount of functional memory here is equal to the effectiveness of popular antidepressants such as Prozac).

DNB Pro Dual N-Back

How we This increases the transfer effect Building on the mechanics of dual n-back? And how can we do this one Evidence based That is the way to be inspired Cognitive neuroscience?

Where is this? Gated dual n-back Comes.

My fellow cognitive neuroscience grad student from CMU – Professor Randy O’Reilly (University of Colorado,
Boulder) and Professor Todd Brewer (University of Washington) – showed a high level of knowledge Three elements Making an integrated up Vertical From the sensory input to the target-directed action (Ref1, Ref2, Ref3).


In varieties such as the standard dual n-back and quad n-back, only input gating and maintenance components are trained – but not output gating. In Gated DNB Brain Training each component is targeted separately Full vertical integration Increase IQ. Gated DNB training is fully realized in the latest HighIQPro release.

1. Input Gating

Intelligence attention begins with flexibility and focus. And when we join something useful, we open an ‘input gate’ through which information flows into the working memory system. For example, when you’re listening to someone for instructions, you need to focus on what they’re saying – not what is happening around you. The instructions have to replace what you were thinking before. This work memory UpdatingAnd the information is stored in the pre-frontal cortex (PFC).

Professor Todd Brewer showed that the input gate opens through Dopamine signals From Basal ganglia From the brain Pre-frontal cortex In the frontal lobe where the information is updated (ref).


2. Maintenance / interference control

For example listening to instructions, when your WM input gate is closed, your pre-frontal cortex retains the instructions given in your ‘mental workplace’ that you will use to perform certain tasks. And when you are processing these instructions in WM, you do not want it to interfere with what you have to do. By focusing you need to buffer the information you need – and that’s it Interference control.


Evidence suggests relying on WM maintenance and intervention control Gamma waves Synchronization in the hippocampus of the brain – where the circuits of neurons oscillate together at about 40 Hz while storing information in our mental work (ref).

3. Output getting

All the information you keep ‘online’ in your ‘mental workplace’ may not be relevant to what you are currently trying to do. For example, you just need to follow the instructions, just one step at a time. Or you may need to use certain combinations of information in WM to make decisions, but not other combinations. This type of selection and management of workplace information for ‘downstream’ processing depends Output getting.


Studies have shown that WM depends on output gating, such as input gating Pre-frontal cortex Circuitry (Ref).

Output gating is not only important for intelligent action selection, but especially important, subject to input gating, for the application and learning of abstract, higher order rules (ref, ref, ref) – what is needed for proper learning and development. Skills are actually required for all these IQ-related abilities:

  • Apply complex rules
  • Decision making
  • Plan
  • Learning and generalization
  • Complex argument

Input And The new HighIQPro 2G + release features output gated dual-n-back training.

Input Getting Training

Getting all our games train input, though our latest 2g And 2G + Games further enhance input gate training, requiring flexible switching between four streams of information instead of the standard two (audio and visual) in DNB. The options for 2G and 2G + games are similar Quad dual n-back Training if you are familiar with it.

Maintenance / Intervention Control Training

Intervention control training – increasing gamma synchronization in the hippocampus – has been engineered into our brain training apps through a carefully designed sequencing of N-back stimuli. Basically, the sequence of stimuli often repeats itself before the goal is presented, and the overlap is difficult to resolve. This has been proven in brain imaging studies Interference control Underlines the relationship between fluid intelligence and working memory capacity (ref). For this reason, all the DNB games that we implement create more intervention control training than standard dual n-backs. Intervention control training is also central Strup ‘n-back Games, available in 2G + game mode in our new release

Output Getting Training

Output Getting DNB

Brain training aimed at getting the prefrontal cortex output is a big step from the classic dual n-back training. We implement this in 1G, 2G and 2G + game options through OR, AND and XOR ‘Logic-Getting’. With output gating, you need to modify the usual dual n-back responses depending on whether the item matches occur individually or together. It enables a simple, intuitive concept and training with it Full vertical integration – From input getting, maintenance, intelligent learning and job selection.

For those who are already familiar with DNB, the concept is shown below. At the top you must respond when there is an isolated match – that is, you will not respond when both methods match at the same time. Below you respond only when both methods match at the same time, but not when one of the two matches itself.

2G +: Vertical and horizontal integration

Combines full vertical integration with 2G + training (the most challenging gated DNB option in our new release) Horizontal integration. Horizontal integration does not work on the sensory input> action (vertical) axis, but on the data content and work variation (horizontal) axis. 2G + works with a wide variety of information content, including non-classical, strup and emotional stimuli.

Classic dual n-back train input gating on vertical axis and WM maintenance / interference control. Previous IQ Mindware apps have enhanced the classic dual N-back with greater intervention control training. Other N-back variants on the market such as Quad N-back input getting training improve. But there is no DNB game on the market train Output gettingElements of our cognitive architecture Most associated with IQ and learning. Our latest HighIQPro release exclusively trains the output gating and axis input and maintenance levels. Horizontal attachment. They also offer various task-type and data mode training in 2G + game options Horizontal integration. This is why gated dual n-back training results in greater ‘distance transfers’ and increased IQ.

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