IQ Mindware Architecture Model

What is ‘mindware’?

The word ‘Mindwear‘Perkins made the first in his book Outsmarting IQ: The emerging science of learning intelligence. Mindware refers to Rules, knowledge and strategies that help in decision making and problem solving. Mindwear is a term used to describe the knowledge you acquire in order to intelligently deal with target situations: your Cognitive toolkit.

There are three types of mindwear: architecture, model and method. Architecture is a broad, extensive structure; Models are helpful theories or schemes, and methods are methods, rules, heuristics, techniques and much more, which help in data processing.

Exercise on HighIQPro Tutorial Mindware will create stores that you can use for a variety of cognitive ranges Function – For strategizing, problem solving, decision making, understanding etc.

Evidence based Mindware architecture The figure below shows what you can learn in the HighIQPro tutorials. This is the most comprehensive, commonly applied, mindwear model that you will use constantly while you build your cognitive toolkit to be smart. This is called the IQ Mindware Architecture Model (IQMA Model).

Benefits of increasing intelligence Joint development (1) Meta-awareness / Minefulness, (2) Mindware strategy and (3) Cognitive ability. At the heart of this process is the ability to imagine PossibilityThoughts Logically (Using reason), being Proof– Bound (truth tracking), and know how Evaluation And will be managed by The value And preferences. All this is shown in the above triad.

This is above Aware Works synergistically with different techniques for triad Ignorance Incubation – Lower lower circle. You need incubation to mature Insights For our understanding insights, for creative problem solving, for intuitive decision making.

“Intuition: knowing or learning something directly without conscious use of reasoning; understanding immediately.”

Mindfulness and meta-awareness

This is an important aspect of Mindwear architecture. You have to be Aware When the opportunity arises to practice a cognitive skill – by becoming aware of your own mental process. This Meta-awareness. Most of what we do is going on Auto pilotAnd it can prevent us from learning bad habits and applying useful mindwear.

In addition to self-awareness, we can also benefit from injustice Mindfulness Our mental processes and behaviors – for more mental intelligence and important ability to learn Wrong And Failure. Instead of being defensive through sensitive arrogance, mindfulness can help us to be more objective about our abilities and help us to deal with situations that we can avoid for fear of negative judgment or self-condemnation.

See this article for a general introduction to meta-awareness and mindfulness.

Cognitive Ability (Gated Dual N-Back Training)

Your general Knowledge based Power Includes:

  • The Bandwidth The amount of information you can process while thinking about something through ‘offline’.
  • The Skills Establish your problem solving, decision making, comprehension etc.
  • Your power Ignore Think of problems in your mind through automated, responsive processes and ‘offline’.
  • Your power Control your attention.

We know from scientific evidence HighIQPro’s gated dual n-back training enhances cognitive ability.

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