Old-fashioned apps and games on iPhone and Android versions

Childhood games have left a great impression and a moral value that continues to affect the soul in our days. For generations of the eighties and nineties, Atari games and later common mobile phone and home computer games were etched in memory, as opposed to new games that faded for a period of time and then gradually disappeared and were forgotten, in praise of its dedication. Fans of the game, its companies have reissued copies that mimic everything old compatible with smartphones, so we’ll give you a nostalgia boost through the most famous childhood games we’ve had the most fun time playing:

The Soviet icon “Tetris” has welcomed its players on Nintendo devices since 1988, a game that was at the top of all gaming platforms in the world in the hands of its Soviet programmer Alexei Pazitanov and gained worldwide popularity in the eighties and nineties. The best-selling game of history of the last century, and with its graphics, is simple and their rules are clear, just rotate the falling puzzle pieces to fit each other to create solid lines that later disappear.

“Tetris” continues to fascinate and fascinate players today, but its presence on smartphones does not mean a revival of the old version, but a new version with attractive colors and styles compatible with today’s technology while preserving the original spirit of the game.

Pac-Man game

The game was first released on arcade devices in 1980, so “Pacman” is a game that makes us feel nostalgic for the beautiful times, because the game, with its simplicity, has been able to keep its fans to this day. Thanks to its innovative design, Pac-Man had a bigger impact. In the popular culture of any other video game, which persuaded Android and iPhone developers to release a similar version of the old version with the same gameplay.

Take control of the form available in the game and eat all the points that get in your way and stay away from ghosts as they will cause you harm and it is worth noting that there are many versions of the Pacman game that have updates and new developments. To revive Ms.Pac-Man, but the first copy of the original is still on request.

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Snake game

One of the most popular games of the eighties and nineties, which all Nokia device owners were addicted to in those days, was Snake because of our attachment to the concept of mobile games, we thought the game was easy when we started playing, The same big hurdle becomes even more difficult and the adrenaline starts to rise and based on the respect of this game and its huge fans, the updated versions have been improved that imitate the old original game. The numbers that enable you to control and many Snake games have been created and updated on Android as well as the original, we keep the most famous for you.

Apple Store Best iPhone Apps and Games 2020The best Google Play Games 2020

Full shield! Pinball: Space Cadet

Of course, I remembered it, didn’t I? No, you probably heard the opening music as soon as you saw the picture, one of the most famous old games we’ve played in front of the computer screen for a long time, but the information you don’t know about this game is that Pinball is just a promotional version and a big game. The part so that there are more tables 7 , But the marketing version became popular when the original full version remained unknown.

And when you download this game now, you will have two options: the first is to download the original version only for Android devices, which gives you a notification for which you must agree to access data and storage space, and the second option is a Download the version which is very similar to the well-known table and avoids the lack of reliability of the previous version. For safety, comfort and fun while playing we have provided free reliable links for you to reach the highest level of fun and nostalgia for the past.

Apple Store Best iPhone Apps and Games 2020The best Google Play Games 2020

Minesweeper game

If you are a Windows user you must have spent a lot of time playing Minesweeper, are you from a team that already knows how to play it or from a team that thinks it is a game of luck and calls on God before opening the block? The game is beautiful for everyone who has learned to play it, and it is not complicated by rumors. The rules are simple. The number of blocks indicates the number of mines next to it and you must identify all suspicious mines.

Minesweeper is one of the oldest games of all time, although it was launched on Windows in 1990, but its history goes back to the sixties. Despite all this, it is still in demand by many, so download one of the best copies and get closer to the original.

Apple Store Best iPhone Apps and Games 2020The best Google Play Games 2020

Crazy taxi game

One of the most famous historical arcade games that still lingers in the minds of many of the nineties generation, as it was first released in 1999, before the famous GTA series took its lead, and Crazy Taxi was primarily intended for X-Play devices and then for computers. The version begins. Its popularity continued to grow and thrive during that time, so the sequels Crazy Taxi 2 and Crazy Taxi 3 came out on Dreamcast and Xbox in 2001 and 2002, respectively, a beautiful, entertaining game that takes you back in time to the music of the original game. The simplicity of its graphics, download it and take your taxi around the city streets to the insane crowds and make money, available online on Android and Apple devices.

Apple Store Best iPhone Apps and Games 2020The best Google Play Games 2020

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