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Careful and important information about the type of Persian cat or Shirazi cat

Shirazi cat or Persian cat is a breed of cat which is distinguished by its long hair and round mouth. This type of cat originated from Iran, and then it migrated to Europe in the seventeenth century, then spread all over the world. In Britain hybridization and multiplication allowed the production of new species of different colors, but at the same time it created a flat-faced variety and increased kidney disease in other species.

Persian cat

The Shirazi cat, or Persian cat, is the second most popular cat in the United States, according to the Animal Breeders Association. The cat is 60 cm long, weighs 4.5 kg and can reach 19 years of age. Shirazi or Persian has different types and colors, especially after hybridization and multiplication which he expressed, including white, which is the original color, gold, black and brown. The legs of these cats are shorter than the legs of ordinary cats. Sherazzi cat has a very calm temperament, is loyal to its owner, and loves to play a lot. Shirazi's hair should also be kept clean and combed so that parasites and insects do not spread inside.

- Do not neglect it; Failure to provide food and drink for this can result in death.

- Paying attention to his mental state, and considering him as a family member.

- Keep it clean to get rid of germs, and avoid water entering her ear to avoid it dying.

- Contact your veterinarian every time and get vaccinated to prevent the disease.

- Play with him, because he tends to play and riot to get his boss's attention.

- Avoid being hurt or provoked to avoid becoming more aggressive.

- Teach him to sleep in the place designated for him.

Persian cat

Persian cat

Persian cat

Persian cat

Persian cat

Persian cat

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The body language of cats, the general behavior and movements of cats and their meaning

This is a very important issue for all cat owners. It can vary from cat meow, or body expression, by moving body parts or by moving the tail, eyes, etc.

All living things, including humans, can express themselves, express their feelings, and communicate with one another through body language. Whether cats, dogs or even humans, there are some movements that have a common meaning that everyone knows without explanation.

We'll show you the meaning of cat body language, as well as what most cat movements mean and how they can be easily understood without complications.

Cats like to communicate in many ways. If you are good at observation, you will see that your cat is watching you all the time.
It can also make some distinct movements, such as slowly closing its eyes as a sign of love, looking at you from a distance, or running towards you when it is pointing its tail at you.

All of these movements and others have many interpretations of cat body language.
Therefore, we will explain to you the various movements of the cat's tail and their meanings as well as the movements of the eyes and body in general, just as we will explain the rest of the movements of cats and their strange meanings. Will be hidden from you.

Here are some pictures that explain the most common movements and body language of cats for body, mouth and tail.

The body language of cats, the general behavior and movements of cats and their meaning
The body language of cats, the general behavior and movements of cats and their meaning

The body language of cats, the general behavior and movements of cats and their meaning
The body language of cats, the general behavior and movements of cats and their meaning

The body language of cats, the general behavior and movements of cats and their meaning
The body language of cats, the general behavior and movements of cats and their meaning
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Siamese Cat Origin Characteristics Pregnancy Mood and Health

Fasting CatsThe lunar diamond, or lunar diamond - as it is called in Thailand - is considered one of the most famous cats in the world and many people like to make a big one. Siam cat Because of his intelligence, sincerity and calm at home, and Siam cat White cats come from offspring, so giving birth to pure white is not uncommon Siam catHowever, unlike pure white fur and sometimes pink eyes, pure Siam cat Not different from others Siam cat Propagation

Siam cat

Origin of Siamese Cats:

Origin of white Siam cat Not exactly known, but the Thai National Library in Bangkok has an eighteenth-century manuscript called The Book of Cat Poems, which contains images of cats that bear a striking resemblance to Siamese cats, where they describe cats. A white body, and blue eyes, tail, ears and legs black, and from this description it seems to be particularly applicable Siam cat Exactly

And when Siam cat A national competition at the Crystal Palace in London in July 1871 made its first appearance in England at the world's first major cat show, described as a kind of unnatural cat because of its strange color, but there are other historians. They claim that the black-headed cats described by the audience are not true Siam cat Breed, and that breed was not seen much later in England.

However, all sides agree that the British Consul General Wayne Gold has brought the two Siamese catsFu and Mia, from Thailand to London in 1894. Since then, Siamese cats have become one of the most popular cat breeds in the world.

Siam cat

US President Rutherford B. Siamese cat breeds In 1879, and this cat was the first ambassador Siamese cats Queen Elizabeth II of the United States Siam cat It was also given as a wedding gift to celebrate her marriage to Prince Philip Nabil of Edinburgh.

Description of Siamese cats:

White Siam cat A medium-sized breed with a slender body, Siam cat Weighs in at 5 - 6.8 kg, and has a long head and large triangular ears, while the eyes are large in the shape of a nut seed and it is blue because the gene responsible for the coat pattern also limits the amount of pigment. Responsible for green or brown eyes. The Siamese cat's neck is long and narrow like a tail, and Siam cat Born with eye problems and a twisted tail, but now with breed selection, this problem has become rare and insignificant.

Siam cat

In the pattern of black spots Siam cat It comes from a genetic mutation that gives the cat a darker color, and this mutated gene is more sensitive to color, because the pigment found in Siamese cat coats is confined to certain parts of the skin.

It's worth saying that much Siamese cat breeds Combined eyes (strabismus) and crooked tails, and pet breeders saw that these traits were undesirable, and they should be gradually eliminated through selective breeding, and today it is rare for one. Siamese cats This problem must be born.

Siamese cat fur:

The White Siamese Cats The brood is small, shiny fur and close to the skin, and is characterized by white Siam cat It is born and does not change color throughout life, as it does with the rest of its subspecies Siam catTheir color changes over time so that some parts become darker colors, such as ears, tail and legs.

Siam cat

Fasting cat's mood and health:

Siam catLike other cats and breeds, one cat differs in temperament from another, but it is generally non-aggressive, and is generally calm, affectionate, intelligent and loyal, which makes it good for dealing with children and makes it ideal. Choice for family pets.

Siam cat Jealousy can be prone and can make a lot of noise if ignored. In the past, r Siamese cat breeds Was healthy and had a long life span of 15-20 years, but Siam cats have now become an average life, due to selective breeding which has weakened the immune system than before. Siam cat Less than expected

A Siam cat Acne can develop around the chin because it eats oily food chips that penetrate the pores of the skin under the mouth, clogs the pores and makes them look like blackheads, and if they are not cleaned, it can lead to dehydration and baldness. It can also lead to gum disease, tartar clots on the teeth and you should ask your veterinarian how to clean it. Siam cat teethAnd it is known that dry food can help clean Siam cat teeth.

Siam cat

Features of fasting cats:

It is very possible to give training Siam cat Due to its intelligent nature that this breed of cat enjoys, it can be trained to bring and retrieve things, walk on the belt and even do some tricks. However, owning it is not really possible Siam catThe Siam cat Very independent, and you can feel lucky if you have Siam cat.

The average pregnancy of a female cat can reach 65 days and some females of this breed may have a pregnancy of 71 days and this is abnormal, but you should consult a veterinarian on the 68th day of pregnancy if the female Siam cat At that time there are no signs of birth. It has been said that a Siam cat Causes an allergic reaction but this is not really true, but it can cause less allergy problems than other cats due to the soft coat.

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Siamese cat prices are personal traits and parenting tips

Siamese cats

Of course, everyone has heard of Siamese cats, even those who know a little about cats, they are a very old breed of cat and it was one of the first Asian breeds imported to the UK and Siamese cats Has always been popular, and their strains are consistently among the top ten species in the United Kingdom and the United States of America, and this is important before learning how to grow them. Siamese cats Find out the following information about them:

Siamese cats Participated in the world's first show.

All Siamese cats Has blue eyes

Siamese cats Come in a variety of colors.

When Siamese cats Born they are only white.

Its voice Siamese cats Very loud compared to other cats.

Siamese cats Training can be given easily.

Siamese is a personal trait of cats




Advantages and disadvantages of fasting cats

Raise Siamese cats Not everyone is able to, because they need special attention, for example, their presence next to the children, or other pets will cause a lot of crowds in the daily work, of course there is no magic rule to adhere to and organize time in each day. Work. Siamese cats Special attention is needed because they like to play and spend time with their owner and most of all Siam cat Owners Don't think of owning another species.

The price of fasting cats

Single price Siam cat About 400-700 USD.

Tips before learning how to breed cats Siamese

Before learning to raise Siamese catsYou will need to make a purchase Siam cat From a trusted cat breeder, or from a trusted cat shop. Because it means that they grew up in an environment where their cats are better socialized because they are more likely to grow up at home, but when you buy them from a cat breeder left out of the house, it means they are less social.

A Siamese cat Must buy at suitable age. Most cats that are completely weaned are eight weeks old, and it is very reasonable to buy one between about nine and twelve months, because after this age the cat's ability to adapt to new homes and new people becomes difficult and from a kitten until it is away from its mother. There is no possibility of too much health until then.

Siam cat

Tips for raising Siamese cats

Pay attention to the health of cats

This is a fundamental issue Siam cat The reproductive system takes proper and lasting care of his health, and it is especially important to maintain the cleanliness of his ears, nose, teeth and small soft fur. Siamese catsLike many cat species, they suffer from many diseases, such as genetic diseases including intestinal tumors, and cancer types such as mediastinal lymphoma, and Siamese cats May suffer from gradual retinal atrophy, which may lead to loss of vision and is also known Cat Siamese Has a sensitive stomach and tends to vomit, which can be avoided by using cat food. To take care of their fur, it does not need more than one decorating session per week, as it takes care of its own fur like other cats.


Siamese cats They should be vaccinated in a timely manner, and it is a basic method of raising it Siamese cats.

Protect cats from fleas and worms

Siamese cats Flies and worms need to be treated with drugs that infect them, and there are many excellent products that are effective against flies, but not all marketed products perform the required function, so it is advisable to take them to a veterinary clinic.

An antidote to deworming Siam cat Healthy. Normally this should be done every three months, but if the cat lives in the open air and chases insects, getting rid of the worms should be at least monthly.

Siam cat hair care

An important point of the reproductive system Siamese cats Hair care is to be taken Siamese cats Regular, because they have short and soft fur and do not take much time to care for their fur and ideally, it is better to take care of it every day and it helps to create a strong bond between the cat and its owner.

Fasting cleans the teeth of cats

Raising method is one Siamese cats They have to brush their teeth regularly, and the cat must be trained to use it as if it were his favorite sport, and his teeth must be thoroughly cleaned with special cat toothpaste, because if a person uses toothpaste it is very poisonous. The cat swallows it; Because it contains a lot of fluoride.

Keep cats active by fasting

Method of raising Siamese cats Very important through play, because Siamese cats They are very active, and they tell their boss when they feel bored, and they tell their boss to play with them and entertain them and they love to run a lot.

Anyone with whom to communicate Siamese cats Have a good time with them, because they always like to sing, run and play and their voices are different from normal cats.

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The most famous type of ornamental bird or pet bird and their names

Many people like birds and many people like to keep a bird in his house, but can birds be kept at home? It remains a question that launches for everyone who wants to own a type of pet bird in their own home.

Therefore, and in this matter, you, God willing, will be acquainted with most kinds Pet birds The seven birds that are kept at home with the pictures and names of these beautiful birds are as follows:


Canary bird

Buzzing birds

The zebra bird

Cockatiel birds.

Lovebirds - a small parrot.

Goa birds.

There are different types Pet birds In addition to this, we will present to you the most famous and easiest breeding in this regard, so that one of these birds does not require extraordinary skill to take care of or some of the birds bring your burden and fatigue according to what is needed during rearing. Them

Kind of Pet birds Which can be easily taken home:

1- Goldfinch

Pet birds
Goldfinch is popular and widespread in the countries of the Mediterranean basin, and it is famous for its Twitter beauty, body beauty and shape, and in Goldfinch, several colors blend in a beautiful and pleasing way.

2- Canary bird

Pet birds

Like the goldfinch, the canary bird is bred for its tweeting, the canary is famous for its flamboyance of tweeting and is well-known in most countries of the world, so it is widely reared and has a wide variety of canaries. Such as temperdo. And York and many more.

3- Buzzing birds

Pet birds

Bagji or Birush is one of the most famous Pet birdsLike Canary in terms of popularity, I think, but what distinguishes Betari from Canary is that the parrot family has buddy feathers that carry bright colors as shown in the picture, but not to the advantage of tweeting, on the contrary, it makes a sound that As annoying as it may seem to some, two pairs of bets are often raised in one cage.

4- The zebra bird

Pet birds

The zebra bird is a beautiful, small and colorful bird that some people are keen to keep at home because of its beauty and its beautiful, calm voice. The zebra bird is considered to be one of the birds that came from Australia and this species prefers to live in open pastures and bushes and eat the seeds.

5- Cockatiel birds

Pet birds

The cockatiel or curavan parrot or challopset is a bird of the medium-sized parrot family that lives in Australia, especially in humid and forested areas, and has a lot of value as one. Pet birds, And these parrots are famous for their politeness and they are social, friendly, calm, easy to raise and now more popular among parrots, and this beautiful bird is known for its long feathers on the top of its head, A slight diagonal crest indicates the bird's calmness and relaxation, and its most important feature is that it has orange spots on the side of the head that may not be present in some species. There are many types.

৬- Goa birds

Pet birds
A Java or Goa bird near the zebra, whose origin goes back to Indonesia, it is bred as a beautiful bird species, it can be fed on canary and zebra presented seeds and as shown in the picture, the bird has beautiful Java and another species with gray feathers. And has a white beard.
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Current General Knowledge Today: River projects in India

ProjectThe river State Bansagar projectSonBihar
Uttar Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh Bargi projectBargiMadhya Pradesh Beas projectBeasHaryana
Rajasthan Bhadra projectBhadraKarnataka Bhakra plow projectSutlejPunjab,
Himachal Pradesh,
Rajasthan Bhim projectPabnaMaharashtra Chambal projectEczemaRajasthan
Madhya Pradesh Damodar base projectDamodarJharkhand
West Bengal Dulhasti projectChinabJammu and Kashmir Durga Barrage ProjectDamodarWest Bengal
Jharkhand Farakka projectGanga, BhagirathiWest Bengal Gandak projectGandakiBihar, Uttar Pradesh Ganges Sea ProjectEczemaMadhya Pradesh Ghatprabha projectGhatprabhaKarnataka Girna projectGirnaMaharashtra Hansdev Banga ProjectHansdevMadhya Pradesh Hidcall projectGhatprabhaKarnataka Hirakud projectThe great riverOrissa Idukki projectPeriyarKerala Indira Gandhi Canal ProjectSatlajRajasthan
Haryana Jawahar Sagar ProjectEczemaRajasthan Joykwari projectGodavariMaharashtra Kakrapara projectBecomeGujarat Kangsavati projectKangsavatiWest Bengal Cole Dam ProjectSutlejHimachal Pradesh Kosi projectKosiBihar and Nepal Coin projectCoins Maharashtra Krishna projectKrishnaKarnataka Kunda projectKundaTamil Nadu Let the skirt be a canalGanagaUttar Pradesh Central Ganges CanalGanagaUttar Pradesh Mahanadi delta projectThe great riverOrissa Malprabha projectGood luckKarnataka Mandi projectDiameterHimachal Pradesh Matatilla ProjectBetwaUttar Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh Peacock Project PeacockWest Bengal Minimato Bango Hasdeo ProjectHasdeo Bango riverMadhya Pradesh Muchkunda projectMuchakundaOrissa
Andhra Pradesh Nagarjuna Sagar projectKrishnaAndhra Pradesh Nagpur Power ProjectKoradiMaharashtra Narmada Sea ProjectNarmadaMadhya Pradesh
Gujarat Nathpa Jhakri projectSutlejHimachal Pradesh Panam ProjectPanamGujarat The Panama ProjectPanamaGujarat Panchet projectDamodarJharkhand
West Bengal Pong projectBeasPunjab Puchampada projectGodavariAndhra Pradesh Complete projectPurnaMaharashtra Rajasthan Canal ProjectSutlej, Bass, RobiRajasthan
Haryana Ramganga projectRamgangaUttar Pradesh Rana Pratap Sagar ProjectEczemaRajasthan Ranjit Sagar ProjectRobiPunjab Rihand projectRihandUttar Pradesh Salal projectChenabJammu and Kashmir Sardar Sarobar ProjectNarmadaMadhya Pradesh
Rajasthan Sarhind projectSutlejHaryana Sharabati projectSharbatiKarnataka Sharda projectSharda, GomtiUttar Pradesh Shivsamundram projectGuyKarnataka Sutlej projectChinabJammu and Kashmir Tawa projectLaughterMadhya Pradesh Tehri Dam ProjectBhagirathiUttarakhand Tilaiya projectBarakarJharkhand Tulbul projectChinabJammu and Kashmir Tungbhadra projectTungvadraAndhra Pradesh.
Karnataka Ukai projectBecomeGujarat Upper Penganga ProjectPenangaMaharashtra Uri Power ProjectI sleptJammu and Kashmir Diameter projectDiameterRajasthan
Himachal Pradesh
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Gloucester canary type and mating error

The Gloucester Canary It is classified as an ornamental or pet bird, and it is a beautiful, easily produced bird that is distinguished by its calmness and tenderness. It was first produced in a country called Gloucestershire in Britain. It was first built by a wedding in England Small Border Canary And a Compact roller canary.

Gloucester Canary Features

Gloucester Canary Has short legs, finely balanced. Feathers smooth, beak small and conical. Gloster size 11 cm.

Its color: It is characterized by all colors, but most of it, which originates from the beginning, is Ethiopian green.

Gloster Canary comes with two types

1- Concert Gloucester Canary

Gloucester Canary

2- Don't Gloucester Canary

Gloucester Canary

Gloucester Canary Matching error

There are many breeders who make mistakes in mating this species: how? The problem arises when a male corona is combined with a female corona: bald puppies are formed, or puppies die at a young age, why? Because genetics to marry two corona Gloucester Canary Does not fit and there is a conflict between the genes

And it is not possible to marry a white man or a white woman. So I mentioned that the same symptoms would occur and that it was due to the same genetic genes.

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List of common names of chemical compounds and formulas

Current General Knowledge Today: List of common names of chemical compounds and formulas

List of common names of chemical compounds and formulas

Common nameChemical nameFormula
Baking powderSodium bicarbonateNaHCO3
TwelveBarium sulphateForest. The forest4
Bleaching powderCalcium hypochloriteCa (OCl)2
Blue VitrowellCopper sulphateCuSO4.5H2The
Candy fluidPotassium acidicKMnO4
Caustic lotionSilver nitrateAgNO3
Caustic sodaSodium hydroxideNaOH
Chile SaltpeterSodium nitrateNaNO3
Common saltSodium chlorideNaCl
Epsom saltMagnesium sulphateMgSO4.7H2The
Glauber's saltSodium sulfateOn2So4.10H2The
Green vitriolFerrous sulfateFSO4.7H2The
GypsumCalcium sulphateCase4.2H2The
Hydrogen peroxideHydrogen peroxideH.2The2
HypoSodium thiosulfateIn2The3.5H2The
Laughing gasNitrous oxideN2The
Lime waterCalcium hydroxideCa (OH)2
LimestoneLimestoneCa CO3
Muriatic acidHydrochloric acidHCl
Plaster of ParisCalcium sulphate2 CaSO4.H2The
Quick limeCalcium oxideHigh
Red leadTriplumbic tetroxidePubby3The4
Sal ammoniaAmmonium chlorideNH4Cl
Saltpeter (Nitro)Potassium nitrate


Sulfuric acidSulfuric acidH.2So4
Soda bicarbSodium bicarbonateNaHCO3
Cleaning sodaSodium carbonateOn2CO3.10H2The
WaterHydrogen oxideH.2The

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Betta fish There are some things you should look for when choosing this type of fish

Your choice Beta fish. Here are some things to look for when selecting a fish.

- Look at the color. Are the beta colors brighter and stronger, or do they look too faded and beautiful? Beta fish Comes in different colors, but red and blue (usually darker colors) are the most common, although they can sometimes be white with some blue or pink spots.

Beta fish

- Does your son respond to your movement? Do fish swim fast in the tank when they see you? Or is it just lying down and not moving? Do not tap the tank frequently. Doing this can stimulate the fish and instead try to move your finger back and forth in front of the batter. However, feel free to buy a fairly modest Beta fish; They usually face a lot of people throughout the day and they can fight very easily. On average, pet stores Beta fish This lifestyle is born to handle many problems.

- Are the fins of the fish in good condition, or have they been torn or otherwise damaged? You should keep in mind that some strains are complex, so they can be slightly torn. Do you have better eyes? Do you see any weird parasites in its body? If you notice something a little unusual, you should consider buying another one Beta fish.

Beta fish

- Sometimes fish can pick you up, not otherwise. If a Beta fish Looking at you, lying down and moving away from its litter, but repeatedly coming back to his bed, consider buying it. Even if he is not healthy, you should buy a fish that you feel attached to. It is better to buy healthy fish than fish. Perhaps he will recover quickly by coming out of the small cup and starting anew in warm, clean water.

- Please be aware of what you are doing before making your purchase Beta fish. You should also know that if your fish can live up to ten years with its care, do some research before buying. Minimum tank size for Beta fish 2.5 gallons with a heater and water purifier. Please don't do yours Beta fish In a deep bowl or cup; It is very harmful to his health and very small! Yours Beta fish Will not be happy or live long.

- Do some basic research to get some information. There is so much to learn Beta fish, And this is more than the basic principles we just mentioned. Generally speaking, major libraries are not the ones where you can get detailed information, unless it is just by chance and you meet an enthusiastic beta salesperson. In addition to understanding the basics above, you may want to do a more detailed search Beta fish Such as on the website

Since these sites are useful to you even after purchase, the reason is that you will be able to ask any questions, to make sure about health, food and any notes discovered - because beta fish fans are not averse to share their stories on the site.

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Current General Knowledge Today: Central Budget 2017-18 Highlights

2017 Union Budget, Serving Finance Minister Arun Jaitley On 01 February 2017, 10 areas of focus were agriculture sector, rural population, healthcare for youth, poor and disadvantaged, infrastructure, financial sector for strong institutions, speedy accountability, public service, prudent revenue management and tax administration for honest people. .

Highlights of his speech on various issues are as follows:


1. The denomination is expected to have a temporary effect on the economy.

2. It will have a big impact on the economy and people's lives.

3. Denomination is a bold and decisive measure that will lead to higher GDP growth.

4. The effect of the ban will not be felt in the next financial year.

1. Sowing farmers should feel safe against natural disasters.

2. Rs.10 lakh crore has been allocated as loan for farmers with 60 days interest waiver.

3. NABARD raises funds to Rs. 40,000 crore.

4. The government will set up a mini lab at the Agricultural Science Center for soil testing.

5. A dedicated Micro Irrigation Fund with an initial corpus of Rs. 5,000 crore will be set up for NABARD.

6. Irrigation corpus has increased from Tk 20,000 crore to Tk 40,000 crore

7. Dairy Processing Infrastructure Fund will be initially made up of Rs 2000 crores.

8. Soil card issuance has gained momentum.

9. A model law of contract farming will be prepared and shared with the States

1. Government's goal is to lift 1 crore families out of poverty by 2019.

2. In 2017-18, five lakh farm ponds will be taken under MGNREGA.

3. More than Rs 3 lakh crore will be spent for rural India MGNREGA to double farmers' income.

4. Take steps to ensure 55% participation of women in MGNREGA

5. Space technology will be widely used to ensure MGNREGA operations

6. The government has proposed to complete 1 crore houses for those who do not have houses.

7. Rs. 19,000 crore will be allocated for Prime Minister's Village Road Scheme in 2017-18.

8. The country is on track to achieve 100% rural electrification by March 2018.

9. Transparent India Mission has made remarkable progress; Sanitation coverage has increased from 42% on October 13 to 60% now.

1. Introduce a system of measuring annual education results and bring in an innovative fund for secondary education.

2. The focus will be on the 3,479 educationally backward blocks.

3. Colleges will be identified on the basis of recognition.

4. Skill India Mission was launched to maximize the potential. India will set up 100 international centers across the country.

5. Courses on foreign languages ​​will be introduced.

6. Take steps to create 5000 PG seats per year

For the poor and health care

1. Rs. 500 crore allocated for women power centers.

2. Under a nationwide scheme for pregnant women, Rs. 6000 will be transferred per person.

3. Rs. 1,84,632 crore allocated for women and children.

4. Affordable housing will be given infrastructural status.

5. Due to surplus liquidity, banks have started reducing lending rates for housing.

6. Target to eradicate TB by 2025.

7. Health sub-centers, number 1.5 lakh, will be converted into health wellness centers.

8. Two AIIMS will be set up in Jharkhand and Gujarat.

9. The regulatory structure of medical education will undergo structural transformation.

10. Allocation for Scheduled Castes is money. 52,393 crore

11. Aadhaar-based smart cards will be issued to senior citizens for health check-ups.

1. The total allocation has been Rs. 39,61,354 crore.

2. The total allocation for railways is Rs. 1,31,000 crore.

3. There is no service charge for tickets booked through IRCTC.

4. With protection coach rupee. 1 lakh crore for five years (for passenger safety).

5. Unmanned level crossings will be eliminated by 2020.

6. 3,500 km of railway line will be introduced this year from 2,800 km last year.

7. SMS-based "Clean My Coach Service" has been launched.

8. Coach Mitra facility will be introduced to record all complaints related to coaches.

9. By 2019, all trains will have bio-toilets.

10. More than five hundred stations will be made disability friendly.

11. Railways will partner with logistics players for front-end and back-end solutions for selected products.

12. Railways will provide competitive ticket booking facility

13. Rs 64,000 crore allocated for highways.

14. High speed internet will be allocated to 1,50,000 gram panchayats

15. New Metro Rail Policy will be announced with new method of financing

1. A strategic policy will be established for unrefined stocks

2. Taka 1.26,000 crore has been received for energy production-based investment

3. Trade Infra Export Scheme 2017-18 will be launched.

1. FDI Policy Reform - Over 90% of FDI inflows are now automated.

2. Shares of Rail PSE like IRCTC will be listed on the stock exchange.

3. Bills related to the resolution of financial institutions will be introduced in this session of Parliament.

4. FIPB has decided to cancel in 2017-18

5. The Foreign Investment Promotion Board will be abolished.

6. Revised process to confirm CPSE timeline

7. Computer Emergency Response Team will be formed for the financial sector.

8. Loan target of Rs 2.44 lakh crore for Prime Minister's Currency Scheme 2017-18

9. Digital India - Bhim App will revolutionize mobile phones - Two new schemes to promote the app.

10. The government will introduce two new schemes to promote the BHIM app - referral bonus for users and cash back for merchants: FM.

11. The negotiable materials law may be amended.

12. DPT for LPG customers, Chandigarh Kerosene Free, 84 Government Schemes are available on DBT Platform.

13. Head Post Office as central office for providing passport services

14. Easy online booking system for Army, Defense personnel

15. For big time crime - including economic criminals fleeing India, the government. Will introduce a legal change or new law to confiscate the assets of these individuals within the country.

1. Total Cost - Rs.21,47,000 crore

2. Abolition of plan, non-plan expenditure, focus on capital expenditure (capital expenditure will be 25.4 percent)

3. 3,000 crore under the Department of Economic Affairs for the implementation of the Taka Budget Declaration.

4. Defense expenditure, excluding pension, Rs. 2,74,114 crore

5. Expenditure on Science and Technology - Money. 37,435 crore

6. The total assets transferred to the States and Union Territories is Rs. 4.11 lakh crore

7. Proposed 3% revenue deficit for three years with 0.5% deviation of GDP.

8. Revenue Deficit - 1.9%

9. The revenue deficit for 2017-18 is committed to 3.2% of GDP and 3% for the following year.

With the funds of political parties

1. The maximum amount of cash grant for political parties will be Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 2,000 from any one source.

2. Political parties will be entitled to receive grants from donors in check or digital mode.

3. It is proposed to amend the RBI Act to issue election bonds that the government will plan Donors can purchase these bonds from banks or post offices through checks or digital transactions. These can only be redeemed by registered political parties.

1. The ratio of direct tax to indirect tax is not optimal.

2. 1.95 crore people have shown income between 2.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs.

3. Out of 76 lakh personal assessors declaring income above Rs 5 lakh, 56 lakh are salaried.

4. Only 1.72 lakh people have shown an income of more than Rs 50 lakh per annum.

5. Between 8th November to 30th December: Between Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 80 lakhs were deposited in 1.09 crore accounts.

6. Net tax revenue for 2013-14 was Rs 11.38 lakh crore.

7. Out of 76 lakh personal appraisers declaring income above Rs 5 lakh, 56 lakh are salaried.

8. 1.95 crore people have shown income between 2.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs.

9. The rate of advance tax on personal IT in the last three quarters of this financial year is 34.8%.

10. Holding period has been reduced to 2 years for long term capital gain

11. Offer to carry-forward MAT for 15 years.

12. Capital gains tax exemption will be given to the owners of the land from which the land was acquired for making Telangana the capital.

13. Corporate Tax: To make MSME companies more efficient, 16. Suggest tax reduction for small companies with a turnover of Rs 50 crore to 25%. About 67 lakh companies fall into this category. 98% of companies will get this facility.

14. Proposal to reduce basic tariff for LNG from 5% to 2.5%

15. SIT recommends cash transactions of over Rs 3 lakh on black money The government has accepted the proposal.

16. Income tax law will be amended. Transactions in excess of Rs 3 lakh in cash will not be allowed.

17. The limit of cash grant by charitable trust has been reduced from Rs.10,000 to Rs.2,000

18. The net revenue loss of direct tax may be Rs. 20,000 crore.

19. India's tax-to-GDP ratio is not favorable.

20. Out of 13.14 lakh registered companies, only 5.97 lakh companies have filed returns for 2016-17.

1. The existing tax rate for individuals in money. 2.5- 5 lakhs has been reduced from 10% to 5%

2. In the next bracket, all other categories of taxpayers will get a benefit of Rs. 12,500

3. Those whose annual income is Rs. 5 lakh other than business income.

4. Those who are filing IT returns for the first time will not come under the government. scrutiny5.

5. 10% surcharge on personal income above Rs. Due to reduction in personal IT rate, losses of Rs. 50 lakhs and up to Rs. Surcharge on personal income above Rs. There is 1 crore left.