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Current common sense today: the father of various fields

Current common sense today: the father of various fields

Father of various fields

Whose father Modern physics - Galileo Galilei
Whose father The Green Revolution - Norman Ernest Borlaug
Whose father Microbiology - Anthony Phillips van Leeuwenhoek
Whose father Modern astronomy - Nicholas Copernicus
Whose father Atomic physics - Ernest Rutherford
Whose father Nuclear science - Mary Curie and Pierre Curie
Whose father Computer science - George Bull and Alan Turing
Whose father Biology - Aristotle
Whose father The Green Revolution in India - MS Swaminathan
Whose father Indian Constitution - Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
Whose father American football - Walter Chance Camp
Whose father Evolution - Charles Darwin
Whose father The modern Olympics - Stone Cobartin
Whose father Numbers - Pythagoras
Whose father Genetics - Gregor Mendel
Whose father Internet - Vint surf
Whose father Botany - Theophrastus
Whose father Scientific management - Frederick Winslow Taylor
Whose father Electricity - Benjamin Franklin
Whose father Electronics - Michael Faraday
Whose father Television - Philo Farnesworth
Whose father Nuclear chemistry - Auto Han
Whose father Periodic table - Dmitry Mendeleev
Whose father Humanism - Francesco Petrarca
Whose father Telephone - Alexander Graham Bell
Whose father Mobile phone - Martin Cooper
Whose father Geometry - Euclid
Whose father Microscopy - Anthony Phillips van Leeuwenhoek
Whose father Laptop - Bill McGregor
Whose father Psychology - Sigmund Freud
Whose father Surgery - Sushruta
Whose father New France - Samuel Champlain
Whose father The American Constitution - James Madison
Whose father Plastic surgery - Sir Harold Gilles
Whose father Ayurveda -Dhanvantari
Whose father Western medicine - Hippocrates
Whose father Modern medicine - Hippocrates
Whose father Cloning - Sigmund Freud
Whose father Printing - Gutenberg
Whose father History - Herodotus
Whose father Economy - Adam Smith
Whose father Philosophy - Socrates
Whose father Sociology - To reduce Augustis
Whose father English poetry - Geoffrey Chaucer
Whose father Composition - In Montague
Whose father Homeopathy - Samuel Honeyman
Whose father Socialism - Robert Owen
Whose father Scientific socialism - Karl Marx
Whose father Collaboration - Robert Obia
Whose father Jurisprudence - John Lock
Whose father Atomic bomb - Auto One
Whose father Automobiles - Henry Ford
Whose father Reform - Martin Luther
Whose father Greek democracy - Clesthenes
Whose father Bangladesh -Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
Whose father Pakistan - Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Whose father Modern cartoons - William Hogarth
Whose father Modern computers - Charles Babbage
Whose father Modern drama - Henrik J. Ibsen
Whose father Modern tourism - Ptolemy Cook
Whose father Painting - Leonardo da Vinci
Whose father The Green Revolution - Norman Borlaug
Whose father Renaissance - Petrarch
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Effective sleep and training synergy

We often learn from the skeptical press that many brain training apps do not work beyond the effect of specific exercises for games. But it is clear from the steady stream of peer-reviewed cognitive neuroscience research that certain types of brain training Is Effective for increasing IQ and focus (Ref)

So what works? There are so-called brain training Transfer away Towards general cognitive ability (as opposed to a 'narrow transfer' of work very similar to the game you train with)?

Johns Hopkins N-Back Study: October 2017

Take a look This is the 17 October 2017 Johns Hopkins University Press Release About a study published that week Dual N-back training. The study was published Journal of Cognitive Enhancement And can be found Here The Johns Hopkins researchers suspected that the problem was not the concept of brain training that actually worked, but the type of training practice the researchers chose to use.

The training exercises that Johns Hopkins compares are commercial products that are generally available and not sold to consumers, but scientists rely on them to test the brain's effective memory. Working memory is your 'mental workspace' - the amount of information you can focus on, update, and process 'online' for problem solving, reasoning, planning, comprehension, and decision making. An important sub-factor of working memory IQ, And full-scale IQ tests like WAIS-IV are tested directly

There were three groups in the study: trained with one group Dual N-backTrained with another work memory exercise called another group Symmetry span task, And a third (control) group trained with a challenging verbal logic task that did not involve work memory. Everyone took one round of cognitive testing, trained for 30 minutes five days a week, then returned to the lab for another round of testing - including EEG recordings of the brain - to see if anything had changed about their brain or cognitive abilities.

The researchers found that the team that practiced the dual n-back exercise showed one 30 percent improvement in their work memory. This was almost double the profit made by the group working with other work memory exercises. The dual n-back group also showed significant changes in brain activity The prefrontal cortexImportant areas responsible for higher education and IQ.

University of Tিনbingen Slip + N-Back Study: December 2017 / January 2018

Sleep has been known for some time to be important for combining memory and motor skills. This is a period where more Neurogenesis (Birth of new brain cells in youth)Ref)

This is the latest Neurobiology of learning and memory In the publication, researchers at the University of Tbingen wanted to know if sleep could be consistent with functional memory gain from N-back training demonstrated in Johns Hopkins research.Print here) Their study studied both adults and children. It compared the work memory gain after a small amount of N-back training (only 3 sessions) in two conditions: (1) where one night's sleep after training (evening training); (2) where one day after training woke up (morning training).

The information is published as follows:

  • Overnight sleep facilitates training-based improvement in work memory (maximum N-back performance)
  • Both adults and children benefit from sleep in this way.

The researchers concluded:

Overall these results not only indicate that working memory functionality is subject to plastic changes but sleep is a state of the brain that can be exploited to improve such changes.


If sleep follows the training of functional memory, then the brain is able to function in a longer event sequence than after post-training waking.

When to train?

This latest study tells us when dual n-back training is best: late in the evening, 1-2 hours before a good night's sleep!

Johns Hopkins has shown us that work memory from N-back training can significantly improve (30% of their research). Most of that study was done during the day, not before going to bed in the evening. So we expect more IQ gains from training before bed.

N-Back Meta-Studies - Bringing Everything Together

This latest study adds the message that the last 33 published, randomized, active-controlled dual n-back studies tell us: Practical training effects of DNB brain training In IQ (especially work memory) - getting better in N-back games out of placebo effect and through practice (Review 1, Review 2) So far there has been controversy over the transfer Fluid argument Capability from dual N-back training (also known as GF), but this debate does not cloud the results of showing long distance transfers Votxtvotx (Also known as Gwm) - General intelligence (G) is another key subfactor and a good predictor of many real life IQ-demand outcomes such as academic success.

And This most recent study adds to the message of multiple brain imaging studies (Reference 1, Ref 2, Ref 3) Showing Changes in neuroplasticity in the fronto-parietal network (FPN). It is also called the 'control hub' of the brain and the 'executive control network'. It sends top-down signals to current task targets and controls flexibly biased data flow across multiple large-scale functional networks. FPN is a core network with inherently intelligent, goal-oriented actions and learning.

Conclusions from the research

In conclusion, Dual n-back training works. It improves IQ, and it does a useful amount (e.g., 30% improvement in work memory). These benefits can be improved if the training is conducted in the evening after bedtime.

And another tech-home for your training - reward it. We know from cognitive neuroscience (Ref), That is beneficial to learn only involving success and rewards. Make sure you choose a game mode in the apps that you can see progress within a week - ideally sleeping within 1-2 hours of training!)

Apps that work

Our IQ Mindware Apps (HiIcupro For applied IQ training, i3 Mindware For abstract IQ training) all Implement the original Johns Hopkins N-Back, And lab-based n-back games have been reviewed in the above-mentioned scientific meta-study. These are not slim down versions available in the App Store.

HighIQPro enhances this training with more advanced training options (Gated n-back) for those who may be ready for an accelerated evidence-based brain training program.

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Do you own a Shirazi cat? Here is the best food you can make at home

It's not very easy because a lot Shirazi cat Usually the house refuses to eat regular meals and this causes extreme confusion and worries the owners Shirazi cat, Especially if they have no experience in keeping cats. As the price of dried food has risen, so has the interest in home-made cat food recipes.

All Shirazi cat Breeders are wondering what Shirazi cats eat? Is the diet of Shirazi cats limited to bones and fish? This is a misconception about cats because cat food should be varied and contain plenty of substances, since proteins, carbohydrates and bones break down the stomach wall of cats, so this is not a choice at all.

And all cat breeders want to know what cats eat from home-cooked meals? It is possible to innovate cat food and create delicious recipes that cats will love, so today we are offering some recipes that are marked as simple and cheap cat food that is made only at home.

The next paragraph on this topic will be about eating Shirazi catFavorite at home, and how to make Shirazi cat Make food and food healthy.

The best food you can make at home for Shirazi cats

Fish, eggs and rice food: -

Fish, rice and egg dishes are one of the most popular home-cooked Shirazi cats: fish dishes are generally the most popular food for cats. At the same time, the food we offer contains eggs and rice, which play a major role in the growth process of cats and provide Shirazi cats with the protein they need for Shirazi cat health.

The amount of food is as follows: -

- 100 to 300 grams of bone-free boiled fish

- Boiled eggs, which are cut into small pieces

- Olive oil

- Two tablespoons of rice.

How to make: -

- Rice without oil or salt is only boiled in water. Once the rice is cooked, add olive oil.

-Then add the chopped fish and eggs in the mixture of rice and olive oil.

- After that, we put this mixture on the fire until it is cooked and the ingredients enter each other.

- Leave the mixture until cool to a normal room temperature, then serve Shiraz Cat.

A food for cats containing smoked salmon: -

Smoked salmon is one of the most favorite foods to eat Shirazi cat At home, which is very much liked by cats and it is one of the most delicious dishes Shirazi cat. It should be noted that cats do not like salmon in their diet because salmon contains some heavy metals.

Ingredients of smoked salmon cat food: -

- 100 grams of smoked salmon.

- Boiled vegetables, carrots, potatoes or others.

- An egg

- One cup or less of milk.

- A quarter cup of any type of cheese.

- Spoon olive oil.

How to make salmon food for Shirazi cats: -

- The oven is initially heated to a high temperature of not less than 150 degrees.

- Bring a metal bowl and brush with olive oil, then place the salmon and boiled vegetables in the metal container.

- Beat eggs in another bowl, add cheese and yoghurt and mix well.

- We put the metal pot in the prepared oven and let it cool for a quarter of an hour.

- The mixture is hardened in the oven on the outside and medium on the inside and the mixture is left to cool and then served to the cats.

Easy way to make dry food at home: -

Dried food is one of Shirazi cat's favorite foods at home and can be prepared in a simple way as follows and can be considered as a source of protein as it can be made from chicken, turkey, beef, tuna or mackerel. And when making Dari food we must make sure that the meat is well cooked and we must make sure that the food is free of spices, salt and pepper because it is dangerous to health. Shirazi cat.

Ingredients for making home cooked food: -

One cup of flour and whole grains of wheat should be.

One cup of soy flour

One cup of wheat germ

One cup cornmeal

One cup of skim milk

Half a cup of yeast

5 tablespoons of olive oil

One tablespoon of fish oil

Cod liver oil if it is available

Omega-3 capsules

Two cups of water.

One large cup of boiled boneless chicken or one cup of mackerel fish, or you can substitute cooked tuna or ground meat.

The best food you can make at home for Shirazi cats

How to make Shirazi dry food for cats at home: -

In the beginning, to make your favorite Shirazi cat food at home, preheat the oven to a low temperature of 350 degrees Celsius.

In a large bowl mix all the dry ingredients together and place the yeast and all kinds of flour that we mentioned in the ingredients.

We break down the source of protein, be it meat, chicken, tuna or fish, into another big bowl.

Grind the meat well with a large fork until smooth and small pieces.

In another container, mix the liquid ingredients like water, oil and cod liver oil.

Add meat, chicken or fish to dried ingredients, including liquid ingredients, water and oil, sources of protein.

We knead the mixture well until the flour is combined with each other

Roll the dough into marble or a large, straight bowl to make a thin, small slice using a knife.

Place the flour on the parchment paper and we put it in the oven ready for 15 minutes or less.

Roll the flour with a wooden spoon on each side to cook.

We take the dried food out of the oven and leave it to cool, then offer it to Shirazi cats, so that we can make our favorite Shirazi cat food at home.

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List of Chief Election Commissioners of India from 1950 to 2019

1.Sukumar Sen:March 21, 1950 to December 19, 1958

2.KVK beautiful:December 20, 1958 to September 30, 1967
3.SP Sen Verma:October 1, 1967 to September 30, 1972
4.Nagendra Singh:October 1, 1972 to February 6, 1973
5.T. Swaminathan:February 7, 1973 to June 17, 1977
6.SL vegetables:June 18, 1977 to June 17, 1982
7.RK Trivedi:June 18, 1982 to December 31, 1985
8.RVS Perry Shastri:January 1, 1986 to November 25, 1990
9.VS Ramadevi:November 26, 1990 to December 11, 1990
10.TN session:December 12, 1990 to December 11, 1996
11.MS Gill:December 12, 1996 to June 13, 2001
12.JM Lindoh:June 14, 2001 to February 7, 2004
13.TS Krishnamurti:February 8, 2004 to May 15, 2005
14.BB Tandon:May 16, 2005 to June 28, 2006
15N. Gopalaswami:June 29, 2006 to April 20, 2009
16.Naveen Chawla:April 21, 2009 to July 29, 2010
17.SY Quraishi:July 30, 2010 to June 10, 2012

18.VS Sampath:June 10, 2012 to January 15, 2015
19.HS Brahma:January 15, 2015 to April 18, 2015
20Nasim More:April 19, 2015 to July 6, 2017
21.Achal Kumar JyotiJuly 6, 2017 to January 22, 2018
22.Om Prakash Rawat:January 23, 2018 to 2December,2018
23.Sunil Aurora: 2December, 2018PerProbability 
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The Landmark February 2018 study shows an increase in fluid intelligence from the brain


A study published this month in a prestigious journal Intelligence Shown:

  • Combined with Cognitive Training Exercise Increases Fluid Intelligence (Visual Special Reasoning) - a key measure of IQ.
  • Fitness training alone does not increase fluid intelligence performance.
  • There is a difference between the benefits of fluid intelligence from mindfulness training.

The research team concluded:

"Because fluid intelligence test scores predict real-world outcomes over a lifetime, enhancing intelligence through multi-model interventions that are effective even in young, healthy adults is a promising way to improve reasoning and decision-making in everyday life."

The last row: By far the most powerful phenomenon is that working memory and executive control training (as applied to HighIQPro) combine with exercise - resulting in an increase in IQ with the size of an effect that indicates a practical effect in daily life.

In contrast to studies that show zero results from brain training, this training method - such as IQ Mindware Apps - uses a multi-modal approach - combining dual n-back (working memory) training with executive control training to facilitate the neuroplasticity of the exercise.


The study was conducted by a strong team of researchers across multiple disciplines (Psychology, Neuroscience, Bioengineering, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), using the most rigorous methods available.

The study was a comprehensive 4-month randomized controlled trial in which 424 healthy adults (ages 18-43, 50% Caucasian) were divided into four groups:

(1) Fitness training

(2) Fitness training and computer-based cognitive training

(3) Fitness, cognitive training, and mindfulness meditation

(4) Active control

Physical infrastructure training

  • Warm-up (10 minutes)
  • Speed ​​break and static walking or running recovery (10 minutes)
  • High-intensity cardio-resistance / aerobic training (30 minutes)
  • Yoga / Stretching (10 minutes)

Computer based training

  • 2 working memory games (with dual n-back)
  • 3 executive control games (such as attention flexibility and strategic planning)
  • 1 Visual Special Reasoning Game

HighIQPro applies these three types of training (dual n-back, executive input and output gating, and fluid logic problem).

Mindfulness meditation

  • Breathing Exercises (5 minutes)
  • Guided meditation (5 minutes)
  • Mild Movement / Stretching (15 minutes)
  • Two periods of silent meditation (15 minutes each)

Active control

  • Change identification
  • Visual search work

IQ measurement

  • LSAT - The standard achievement test used to determine law school admissions and to evaluate logical reasoning by design. It is a measure of oral fluid intelligence.
  • Figure Series - Create a rule for completing many statistics. It is a measure of visceral fluid reasoning.

These are the standard IQ (liquid reasoning) tests used by professional psychologists and educators.

The result

The results of the training are shown in the figure below. Where there is an asterisk there is a statistically significant change in fluid intelligence. The Fit Group those who only do fitness training. The Fit-MF Groups who have done fitness and cognitive training. The Fit-mf-mind The group has trained in fitness, cognitive training and mindfulness.

All groups have made improvements in Visuvascular Fluid Intelligence (Figure Series). All the brain training groups did better than the control group, but one team - which is doing both cognitive training and fitness training - did Significantly Better than the control group. ‘Significance’ is a strict statistical criterion that assures us that the gains were not due to testing. Practice effects Or Placebo effect Related to expectations about training benefits or extra confidence.

The 'effect size' is really enough. Dual N-back training only gives an effect size of 0.14 (ref) when combined with executive control training (like HiQuPro) and exercise. 0.55 Which is defined as the size of a 'big' effect - far greater than the efficacy of most drugs available on the market for a variety of medical conditions.

Brain training results in fluid intelligence

Why didn't adding mindfulness to the mix help gain IQ?

The author argues that individual benefits from mindfulness are divided: some benefits and they show significant IQ growth compared to the control group, others do not.

“In the Fit-MF-Mind group, individuals differed in their responsiveness to the intervention, and those who showed comparatively higher gains in the Figure series also performed better in the post-intervention GF fancy test. Mindfulness will require cognitive and attentive resources that are also demanded when performing tasks, and it appears that individuals differ in their ability to adapt to these needs and to benefit from practice. "


These results are consistent with previous results and help the studies to understand that there is no IQ gain from working memory training, while obviously the right kind of brain training helps enough. Here's what we know now.

  • Combining Executive Control Brain Training (Dual N-Back) training with working memory is more effective in raising IQ alone.
  • Visual special intelligence Benefit from training is when verbal reasoning does not.
  • Combining Training the brain with exercise improves IQ gain.

A great result for those of us who have spent time developing brain training interventions to increase IQ.

Get trained!


Examples of the type liquid logic test items found in the Visual Special IQ test.


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The best movie of 2020 … or how did the movie fight the epidemic?

Here, 2020 has passed and we thought it would not pass, a very difficult year in the world, which history will remember with dark memories and an epidemic that changed the lives of millions of people.

And since cinema reflects our lives, in terms of subject matter or changes in the industry under different circumstances, it is natural that the seventh industry is affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, and we still can't see a good movie about the epidemic, but it's certainly a long-term one. Has affected. Whether long breaks from production and filming, movie theater closures, slow returns and massive financial losses have affected the entire industry.

We've also seen a big change in the way movies are shown and distributed this year, with millions of people criticizing movie presentation on platforms like Netflix in recent months, making these platforms the safest and best outlet to watch, but there's film which is film on-demand, Are distributed through the platform. As a way to mitigate material damage.

But despite all these losses we have endured this year, 2020 was not without good films that fascinated and delighted millions of movie fans and perhaps in all this darkness this art and other entertainment industries were our safe haven.

In this article, I have selected the best movies of 2020, which I have chosen after many difficult differences between movies, some of which will be on my list of favorites in the coming years, so this list proves that cinema is an art that was created to survive and thrive. . It also helps people overcome difficulties.

Best English Speaking 2020 Movies

1- I'm thinking of finishing things


Charlie Kaufman is truly a distinguished cinematographer, one of the most talented directors alive at the moment, but in spite of this great talent, he encounters difficulties in production which at the same time makes his productions very insignificant and sadly reprehensible.

Since 2015, animated movie Anomalysa, He has not acted in any other movie except this year I am thinking of ending thingsIt is a unique cinematic experience written and directed by him, which takes us into the main character's mind on a perilous journey between self-doubt and the image of idealism, complex family and emotional relationships.

The movie was full of literary and cinematic references that gave it an extra pleasure in decoding, plus the super-beautiful cinematic image - which did a great deal of damage to its presentation on the Netflix platform - and multiple philosophical and psychological dimensions that added weight and meaning to the work. Different according to the text.

2- Father


Many movies have been made about the relationship between fatherhood and filial piety, especially the father's aging and his health problems or the bad relationship between him and his children, but how did director Florian Zeller and writer Christopher Hampton recapture the plot? Is this beautiful?

The movie "The Father", starring Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Coleman, is one of their most beautiful roles, in which Hopkins plays the role of a father with Alzheimer's or geriatric dementia, where Coleman plays the role of a girl suffering from a sick father. Character

3- Nomadland


Golden Lion Award winning film at the Venice Film Festival. Starring Oscar winner Frances McDormand and directed by Chloe Chow, which is set in the American desert, it is not a traditional Western film, but a special kind of poetic work.

It revolves around a middle-aged woman after the death of her husband, who decides to leave her previous life and start the real life that she had long wanted to travel in the desert using a wagon, from a simple job to another job. Make a living, and enjoy the time in peace.

The movie did not give us a traditional plot of beginning, middle and end, or conflict and climax, none of which was needed, only the subtle journey and decay of transformation into a heroine to become a person close to oneself. The film was one of the most beautiful and soft films of the year, with the exception of the heroine in the social burden, and McDromond's calm acting and great photography and the use of non-professional actors in almost all the characters.

The best movie of 2020 from outside Hollywood

4- There is no evil


Iranian cinema is constantly trying to overcome censorship and religious difficulties, creating cinematic masterpieces for us every year that prove that extreme localism can be a way of globalization and for the most important prize in the film industry. So there was nothing surprising in the film There is no evil The Golden Bear Award from the Berlin Film Festival was won by Muhammad Rasulouf, not even surprisingly, because of the movie his director entered into a legal crisis and sentenced him to prison, which did not materialize due to circumstances. Corona virus.

The events of the movie take place within the framework of four different stories, each presenting a different face of the same coin, because they were together on a subject, which is the death penalty, but from the point of view of those who are the last step. Dealing with this step, does he consider it a routine act or a murder of his humanity?

5- My favorite fight


My favorite fight A film by director Ilse Burkoska Jacobsen, a documentary work, but due to poor budget and power, he decided to present it in a mix of cartoons, videos and photographs.

It's about Latvia since World War II, and until it emerged from behind the Soviet state, and how that country, like other communists, suffered from anger, poverty and terror.

You just have to appreciate this very simple movie, but at the same time full of emotion, with a unique plot, you forgot that you are watching a documentary movie, even the animation was separated despite the movie's bad budget, and I call it the best cartoon movie of 2020. Consider, because this year was devoid of great cartoon movies.

6- Undine


Undine A film directed by Christian Petzgeld, which took place in Berlin recently, but you can only feel an external environment that dominates the work and in fact the movie mixes realism and legend.

The heroine UndineThe one who works in a museum in Berlin and the emergence of a successful relationship from a failed emotional relationship that ends in a tragic outcome is an echo of German legend. Undine And both real and mythical characters combine the same fate.

The film's heroine, Paula Beer, was nominated for a Silver Beer Award for Best Actress, and the film won the Best Picture award at the last Berlin Festival.

7- Servant


A Slovakian film directed by Ivan Ostruchvsky, which presents another face of dictatorship, affecting the students of a theological school at this time, who are asked to cooperate with the political police, otherwise they will face the most violent consequences, and two students Choose between losing life.

8- Gagarin


Gagarin is a French film about land, identity, family and imagination that sometimes saves us and sometimes kills us.

The events of the movie take place in a huge apartment complex building called Gagarin, as the famous astronaut Yuri Gagarin, who opened this building in the twentieth century.

Yuri is a lonely young man whose mother rejects him in the Gagarin building in search of a new family so that the building, with details of its occupants and elements, becomes pregnant for him, and when the Gagarin building threatens to collapse due to age, he tries to save it by all means.

Eventually, when all his earthly solutions come to an end, he decides to embark on a journey into space where consciousness merges with the unconscious, and Gagarin's men must save him to return to life.

Translated from:

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List of state birds of India

StateCommon nameBinomial naming Andhra PradeshIndian rollerCoracias benghalensis Arunachal PradeshGreat HornbillBuceros bicornis AssamWhite-winged wooden duckAscornis scutulata BiharIndian rollerCoracias benghalensis ChhattisgarhBastar hill autopsyGracula Religious Peninsula GoaBlack-crested BulbulPycnonotus flaviventris GujaratGreater FlamingoPhenicopteras rojas HaryanaBlack FranklinFrankolinas Frankolinas Himachal PradeshWestern Tragopan (Jujurana)Tragopan melanocephalus Jammu and KashmirBlack-necked storkGrass nigricolis JharkhandAsian quailEudynamys scolopaceus KarnatakaIndian rollerCoracias benghalensis KeralaGreat HornbillBuceros bicornis Madhya PradeshAsian Paradise FlycatcherTerpsiphone paradise MaharashtraYellow-legged green doveTreron Phoenicoptera ManipurMrs. Hume's partridgeSyrmaticus humiae MeghalayaMountain autopsyGracula Religious Peninsula MizoramMrs. Hume's partridgeSyrmaticus humiae NagalandBleith's TragopanTragopan Blythe OrissaIndian rollerCoracias benghalensis PunjabNorth GoshakThe Greek hawk RajasthanGreat Indian BastardArdeotis nigriceps SikkimBlood partridgeIthaginian bloody Tamil NaduEmerald DoveChalcophaps indica TelanganaIndian rollerCoracias benghalensis TripuraGreen Imperial PigeonDukula Aeneas UttarakhandHimalayan MonalLofophras impejanas Uttar PradeshJuicy storkCrane Antigone West BengalWhite-breasted KingfisherHalcyon smyrnensis Pondicherry (UT)Asian quailEudynamys scolopaceus Lakshadweep (UT)Suite turnOnicoprian fuscatus Delhi (NCT)House sparrowPedestrian pet
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Increase IQ with computerized cognitive training review

There has been a growing body of scientific evidence over the last 10 years that a certain type of computerized cognitive training (CCT) has the potential to significantly increase IQ - e.g. Work memory training. Commercial CCT comes in many forms. Many brain training companies divide training into different types of cognitive processing such as speed, memory, attention, etc. In light of all the studies that have been done on this variety of training, it is only memory training that has shown the real potential for intelligence growth.

What is working memory?

Votxtvotx It can be thought of as our 'mental workplace'. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

More formally, working memory is a short-term memory and management system that

"Provides temporary storage and manipulation of information needed for complex cognitive tasks such as language comprehension, learning and reasoning." Badley, 2003, p. 189

People have different work memories Power - The amount of such information they can maintain and process. Working memory capacity is highly correlated with IQ.

This is understandable, because you can imagine that more intelligent people have a larger mental 'workspace' and are able to make relatively more connections and guesses using this vast workspace.

Dual n-back training

JayegiIn 2008, Suzanne M. Jayegi and colleagues published an original research paper Massive transfer 20 days computerized working memory training for intelligence. 'Wide transfer' means that training not only improves the game but also improves general cognitive ability and IQ test performance. This paper has generated a great deal of interest in the possibility of training the brain to improve intelligence.

Working memory exercises are used in Jaeggi Dual N-back - which is now the most widely studied computerized cognitive training game. This involves looking at a continuous flow of items such as moving squares and determining whether the position of each square matches the position 'n' stimulus in time. Memory 'gap' is 'n-back level'. If you want to keep track of the position 2 goes backwards, then you are at the 2-back level. If you are tracking position 3 backwards - then you are at 3-back level. Here you can see a 2-back example:

Single n-back

Inside Dual n-back training, an oral and a visual stream of items are presented both At the same time Shown below for a 2-back game:

Dual n-back example

How effective is dual n-back training?

Jayegi and his colleagues published their dual N-back study in 2008. Since then numerous studies have been published exploring the effects of dual n-back training on cognitive performance, and there has been a heated debate between both cognitive scientists and the popular media. Cognitive training revolves around the idea that IQ can increase.

Some studies have failed to replicate the effects of IQ-boosting training - such as this study by a team led by Todd Thompson of MIT's Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences:

"[our] The results fail to support the notion that adaptive work memory training in healthy young adults enhances work memory in untrained work, fluid intelligence, or other systems of cognitive ability. " (2013)

But many other studies have found significant IQ-enhancing effects, such as Sarah Rudebeck of the Department of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University:

"We found that trainers, compared to non-trainers, showed a significant improvement in fluid intelligence after 20 days. Our research shows that the practice of a… working memory task ... can potentially improve both memory and fluid intelligence."(2012)

So how do we evaluate conflicting evidence? Does dual n-back training work?

To answer this question, we need to distinguish between different grades of evidence.

  1. ‘In-house’ research CConference discussions, papers 'under review' and other unpublished material. (E.g. Lumos Labs Unpublished documents.)
  2. Single peer-reviewed journal article that has not been replicated.
  3. Several peer-reviewed journal articles from various labs, including transcripts.
  4. Meta-reviews of multiple peer-reviewed journal articles, including transcripts.

The higher the level of evidence the more reliable - be it for computerized cognitive training or other brain cross training methods such as neutropics, non-stop fasting or meditation.

The two latest meta-reviews of Work Memory Training - one published this year and the other written for publication - are both over. Dual N-back training is effective in improving general cognitive performance and IQ test scores.

The 2014 study paper by Jackie Au and colleagues at the University of California concluded:

"Our work demonstrates the effectiveness of a few weeks of N-back training to improve GF's measurement performance. [fluid intelligence]. We request that future studies go beyond trying to answer this simple question of whether there is a shift and instead, try to explore the nature and extent of how these improved test scores may reflect "true" improvements in Gf that may translate into reality. . , Real-world settings. "

My grad school colleague Jason Chain - chief investigator at Temple University Neurocognition Lab, reached a similar conclusion in a meta-review of his 2014 memory training, concluding that the training "actually shows a positive transition, even to the remote transfer system" (personal correspondence).

Based on this meta-review evidence - the highest grade scientific evidence we have - we can conclude that dual n-back training is worth your time and effort investment if you want to achieve general cognitive performance. Other types of computerized cognitive training - or learning musical instruments, playing video games, or regular aerobic exercise - are of no equal benefit.

Increasing IQ Gain: Dual N-Back Optimization

In their meta-review, Jackie Au and colleagues argue that the average increase in IQ from training is a Less guess Due to sampling and testing criteria. Furthermore, they believe that the size of the impact they have reported can be magnified Optimize With specific game parameters:

  • End of the program
  • Increase the underlying motivation to complete the program

The authors argue for this reason:

"The results reported in this meta-analysis present a low-end estimate of the actual level of improvement that may be on the scale of N-back training. [intelligence]”

The name of the game now accurately determines the key parameters of dual n-back training that can optimize a wide shift in IQ and general cognitive performance. A similarity is growing tomatoes. If you know you can grow them, then your next concern is how to make them bigger and better - like adding different watering schedules or fertilizers or changing the rising temperature!

Intervention control and 'second generation' dual n-back training

A strong candidate parameter for optimizing dual n-back training that I am particularly interested in Interference control.

Intervention A technical term for Misleading information This is similar to the information needed to perform well in a game or cognitive challenge. If you are playing the N-back game, and you are at the 3-back level, a combined stimulus for N = 2 or N = 4 would be eligible as an intervention. This is shown in the figure.

Intervention n-back

Another example of intervention is found in the Strup Task. You can now try the task for yourself - moving from left to right, as soon as you can Ink color Here the word - ignore the meaning of the word (the answer to the first is 'red').

Strup task

Since word reading is very well practiced and automated, there is a strong intervention effect in this task - you have noticed! The meaning of words captures your attention, and interferes with your ability to perform tasks. It takes concentration to control this intervention.

There is good scientific evidence for this Interference control - Ability to filter this kind of misleading information - Underlying the link between work memory and intelligence.

  • Second, Claudia von Bastiana and Klaus Oberaura of the Department of Psychology at the University of Zurich observed that a game gains IQ based on memory training only in 'supervised' work. Supervision is a term The aspect of working memory used to control interference - Defined as "Electoral activation of restriction of relevant and irrelevant information".

It is now built into all IQ Mindware apps by default, based on the strong possibility of interference control for IQ gain. Creating interference control is a new thing in dual n-back games, and that's why I call it 'second generation' (2G) dual n-back training.

I also developed the only one with the HighIQPro app Strupe dual n-back In the market. In this game you have to keep track of the N-back match, ignoring the position of the arrows and the color of the words, ignoring their meaning. Here the image shows an example of this with n-back = 2.

Strup n-back

Feedback from users experience of cognitive gain from Strup Dual N-Back has therefore been positive. This dual n-back variation has a great potential to optimize IQ gain. HighIQPro also offers standard dual n-back training with intervention.

In short, we can consider a similarity with sports performance.

Significant gains in sports performance are now possible - and achieving those gains depends on scientifically guided training programs. Similarly it is becoming clear that cognitive performance gains are possible and these too rely on scientifically guided training programs. Evolutionary versions of dual N-back and other forms of work memory training will be central to achieving and maintaining the highest levels of cognitive performance in the next decade.

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Silky chicken Price – Features

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What is Silky Chicken?

The Silky chicken A breed of chicken. It is called Silky because of its plump plumage that looks like silk. This breed has many unusual features such as black skin, bones and limbs and five toes on each foot, whereas most chickens have only four. It is considered as one of the most beautiful breeds of Bantam chicken. They come in many colors, such as white (most common), black, gray, blue, buff, red, partridge and splash.

The history of the silky hen dates back to the 13th century when Marco Polo wrote about it:

Silky history

There is a great belief that the origin of black chickens goes back to Asia, especially ancient China, and there are those who say that they came from India or Java.

They appeared in the West in the mid-1800s and in the United States by 1872, and have gained much popularity since then.

Silky chicken as a pet

Silky is usually sweet, and even roosters are usually and non-aggressive to humans, so many people raise it as a pet, especially for babies.

Silky properties

Uses: Eggs and pets

Color: Comes in many colors like white (most common), black, gray, blue, buff, red, partridge and splash.

Egg production by year: 100 to 160 eggs.

1- All silky have five fingers. It is known as POLYDACTYLY and is inherited through genes.

2- Silky There are black feathers, skin, flesh, bones and limbs.

3- All Silky The legs and feet of the chicken are covered with feathers.

4- Silky Must have blue ear lobes and a mulberry red comb.

5- Silky A wonderful breed, they are sweet and non-invasive to humans, so they can be the perfect choice as a pet.

6- One of the popular features of feathers. It is very soft and fluffy. They lack the barbs needed to make normal feathers, so silky can't fly at all. These soft feathers help to give these delightful little birds their unique look.

7- The egg production department lacks them, producing about 120 quite small eggs in their first year alone. Silkies are not a large layer although they are made with standard eggs and hard shells for it.

8- They are long life chickens as compared to other breeds of chickens. They are concerned about an average life of about 8 or 9 years and other species remain productive for a long time even after stopping laying eggs. This is probably due to their happy nature and low productivity rate.

Silky price

There are different opinions on what is the best way to buy silky chicken at any age and what is the best way to get silky. As a general rule, the price of silk may vary greatly depending on the quality and condition of the bird. There is no standard value for a silky. Prices vary depending on the age of the chickens, the position of the seller and the quality of chickens they are offering. The cheapest way to get silky is to buy fertile eggs and bake them yourself.

In general the cost of silky can vary from about (20 (£ 16) to $ 120 (£ 80) per bird and it is best to buy it from a breeder so you can see the stock you are getting.

The top of the quality range is $ 10-15 per hen and $ 25-50 for a hen or stock breeding cockerel.

Where can you buy silk?

1. Gumtree

2. Buy directly from breeders.

3. Craigslist.

4. eBay. In some countries, you can sell hatching eggs on eBay.

5. Facebook. Find chickens and breeders.

6. Auction. There is a selection of chickens for sale at the auction of poultry or cattle.

7. Join the Poultry Club and find a list of registered breeders.

8. Find breeders online or visit forums.

Silky chicken

The black color of silky chicken makes it scary or disgusting for some people, but in fact, this chicken meat is very tasty and the taste of the meat is a bit stronger than normal chicken. Silky is a delicacy of the Asian community, especially with the Chinese. Silky is more for medicinal purposes like ordinary chicken soup with more health benefits. Silky meat tastes just like chicken but with a strong and fatty taste but still very tasty.

How to cook silky chicken?

It is often cooked whole, but if you use large birds, it can be cut into pieces with bones.

Use lots of herbal ingredients in the cavity or just in the broth and cook for 30 -45 minutes or more until fully cooked, but it can be made not only in soup but also in many other ways including curry.

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Current common sense today: First in India

Current common sense today: First in India

First in India

1. Who was the first President of India - Dr. Rajendra Prasad
2. Who was the first Prime Minister of India - Jawaharlal Nehru
3. Who was the first Indian Governor-General of India - C. Rajagopalachari
4. Who was the first Mughal emperor - Babur
5. Who was the first President of the United States - John Hanson
6. Who was the first woman President of India - Pratibha Devisingh Patil
7. Who was the first woman Prime Minister of India? Indira Gandhi
8. Who was the first king of India - Chandragupta Maurya
9. Who was the first astronaut - Yuri Gagarin
10. Who was the first Attorney General of India - MC Setalvad
11. Who was the first American President to visit India? Dwight D. Eisenhower
12. Who was the first avenger - Captain America
13. Who was the first animal to go into space? Dog Leica
14. Who was the first astronaut to walk on the surface of the moon - Neil Armstrong
15. Who was the first Indian astronaut - Rakesh Sharma
16. Who was the first Chief of Army Staff of India? Field Marshal Kodanera "Keeper" Madappa Kariyappa
17. Who was the first president of America - John Hanson
18. Who was the first British Governor General of India - Warren Hastings
19. Who was the first black president of South Africa - Nelson Mandela
20. Who was the first Bharat Ratna - C. Rajagopalachari
21. Who was the first British Governor of India - Warren Hastings
22. Who was the first battle of Panipat - 21 April 1526
23. Who was the first captain of Indian cricket team - CK Naidu
24. Who was the first Chief Minister of Delhi - Chowdhury Brahma Prakash
25. Who was the first Chief Election Commissioner of India - Sukumar Sen.
26. Who was the first Chairman of the Planning Commission of India - Jawaharlal Nehru
27. Who was the first Chairman of Rajya Sabha - Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
28. Who was the first Chief Minister of Bihar - Krishna Singh
29. Who was the first chairman of ISRO? Vikram Sarabhai
30. Who was the first Deputy Prime Minister of India - Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
31. Who was the first Dalit President of India - Kocheril Raman Narayanan
32. Who was the first Defense Minister of India - Baldev Singh
33. Who was the first Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha - SV Krishnamurti Rao
34. Who was the first Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha - Madbhushi Anantasayanam Iyengar
35. Who was the first dog to go into space? Dog Leica
36. Who was the first Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission? - Gulzarilal Nanda
37. Who was the first Election Commissioner of India - Sukumar Sen.
38. Who was the first Education Minister of Independent India - Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
39. Who was the first emperor of India - Chandragupta Maurya
40. Who was the first governor - Warren Hastings
41. Who was the first Governor General of Bengal - Warren Hastings
42. Who was the first Guru of Sikhs - Guru Nanak
43. Who was the first Health Minister of India - Princess Amrit Kaur
44. Who was the first Home Minister- Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
45. Who was the first Indian to go into space - Rakesh Sharma
46. ​​Who was the first IAS officer in India - Satyendranath Tagore
47. The first Indian to climb Mount Everest - Avatar Singh Chima
48. Who was the first Indian to win an Oscar - Vanu Athaiya
49. Who was the first Indian cricket captain - CK Naidu
50. Who was the first Indian Governor General of India - Warren Hastings
51. Who was the first Indian to win the Nobel Prize - Rabindranath Tagore
52. Who was the first person in space - Yuri Alexeyevich Gagarin
53. Who was the first woman in space - Valentina Tereshkova
54. Who was the first judge of the Supreme Court of India - Harilal Jekisundas Kania
55. Who was the first Jnanpith award winner - G Shankara is ugly
56. Who was the first judge of the High Court? Leela Seth
57. Who was the first semis of Jammu and Kashmir - Ghulam Mohammad Sadiq
58. Who was the first Governor of Jammu and Kashmir - Karan Singh
59. Who was the first king of England - Egbert (Egerhot)
60. Who was the first king of Nepal- Prithvi Narayan Shah
61. Who was the first law minister of India - Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar too
62. Who was the first Speaker of Lok Sabha - Ganesh Basudev Mavalankar
63. Who was the first Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha - AK Gopalan
64. Who was the first man to land on the moon? Neil Armstrong
65. Who was the first person to climb Mount Everest - Edmund Hillary
66. Who was the first Mughal ruler - Babur
67. Who was the first Muslim President of India - Zakir Hossain
68. Who was the first Nobel laureate in India - Rabindranath Tagore
69. Who was the first Nawab of Bengal - Murshid Quli Khan
70. Who was the first non-Indian to receive Bharat Ratna - Mother Teresa
71. Who was the first nurse - Florence Nightingale72. Who was India's first National Security Adviser - Brajesh Mishra
73. Who was the first Nobel laureate in physics- Wilhelm Conrad Rন্টntgen (Germany)
74. Who was the first national ruler of India - Chandragupta Maurya
75. Who was the first Nizam of Hyderabad? Asaf Jah
76. Who was the first national poet of India - Rabindranath Tagore
77. Who was the first Oscar winner from India - Vanu Athaiya
78. Who was the first Olympic winner - James Conley
79. Who was the first owner of Kohinoor diamond - Kakatiya dynasty
80. Who was the first President of Independent India - Dr. Rajendra Prasad
81. Who was the first Railway Minister of Independent India - John Mathai
82. Who is the first recipient of Param Vir Chakra - Major Somnath Sharma
83. Who was the first ruler of the slave dynasty - Qutb al-Din Aibak
84. Who was the first ruler of Delhi Sultanate -Qutb al-Din Aibak
85. Who was the first Roman emperor - Augustus
86. Who was the first ruler of Mughal Empire - Babur
87. Who was the first Secretary General of the United Nations? Try lying
88. Who was the first Speaker of Rajya Sabha - Mr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan
89. Who was the first test tube baby - Lewis Joy Brown
90. Who was the first teacher in India - Savitribai jyotirao phule
91. Who was the first Deputy Prime Minister of India - Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
92. Who was the first Vice President of Independent India - Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan
93. Who was the first voter of India - Shyam Sharan Negi
94. Who was the first Vice Chairman of Planning Commission? VT Krishnamachari
95. Who was the first Vice PM of India - Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
96. Who was the first woman Governor of India? Sarojini Naidu
97. Who was the first president of 20th century - Dr. Rajendra Prasad
98. What was the first five year plan- March 15, 1950
99. Who was the first digital village in India - Akodara
100. Who was the first Wi-Fi hotspot village in Haryana - Gumthala Garu