Planning for the welfare of textile workers

Current common sense today: plans for the welfare of textile workers

Planning for the welfare of textile workers

The government is implementing various policy initiatives and plans for the welfare of textile workers in the country, such as the Integrated Skill Development Scheme (ISDS), development plans for the silk and silk farming sector, National Handloom Development Program (NHDP), and extensive handloom cluster development. Scheme (CHCDS), Yarn Supply Scheme and National Handicraft Development Program (NHDP). The government is also implementing Powertex India, a comprehensive project for the development of the powerloom sector.

In addition, the government is implementing social welfare schemes for weavers / workers, such as Matatma Gandhi Bunker Insurance Scheme for Weavers, Group Insurance Scheme for Powerloom Workers, Aam Aadmi Insurance Scheme for Handicraftsmen and Scholarship for Children of Jute Workers. The Government of India has launched the Textile Workers Rehabilitation Fund Scheme (TWRFS) to provide relief to unemployed workers due to the permanent closure of non-SSI textile mills in the private sector. TWRFS is now integrated with the Rajiv Gandhi Sramik Kalyan Yojana (RGSKY), which provides unemployment benefits to employees under the ESI scheme, who have been inadvertently laid off due to layoffs / factory closures. The government has also made a special approval. Package expenditure for textile sector is Rs. 6000 crore for job creation and export growth, especially in garmenting and made-up.

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