Shirazi All about cat origins – features – types

The origin of the Shirazi cat

Shirazi cat Known as beautiful cats and is distinguished by their soft, long and thick hair and their origin goes back to Iran, or what is known as Persia. So it is sometimes called Persian cat, And it was introduced to Italy by an Italian explorer in the late eighteenth century and a century later; That is, by the end of the nineteenth century, the species was known and spread across Europe.

Characteristics of Shirazi cats

Shirazi cats are friendly and family friendly and calm in nature. They are one of the quiet breeds of cats, and they have a moderate temperament, and they are non-aggressive cats, they rarely pull out their paws, and they like to sleep and stay still for long periods of time and their sleep time is fun, playful, Up to 16 hours a day as well as being entertaining and clean. Shirazi cats reach a length of about 60 cm and weigh about 4.5 kg and their average age is about twenty years. The Shirazi cat Long hair has soft fur and its density increases in the shoulders and neck. It has multiple colors, such as: white, black and smoky, each color distinguishes it from other colors, but Shirazi cats have large and beautiful eyes, shiny and round, their face is round and their eyes are sometimes the same color as their fur, their The ears are small, their legs are short with fur, their bones are thick, their noses do not stick out of their mouths and their tails are short.

The 5 most important types of Shirazi cats, with names and pictures.

1- Shirazi cat face of the moon

Shirazi cats are very popular with the moon face. Compared to other Shirazi cats. It has many morphological features, the most important of which are; The eyes are large and have a round shape, and the nose is small. Which has a slight height, and long ears adorn all parts of its body, except the neck area, in addition to a finely shaped, dense covering, as this cat has; Long legs, square face.

Shirazi cat face of the moon
Shirazi cat face of the moon

2-Himalayan Shirazi Cat

The Himalayan cat was produced after a mating process between two Siamese cats and a Persian cat. Thus, the result was that they had distinct morphological features from the two species.

The most notable is the wide blue eye, which differs from the shape of the face, which is shown in Figure 8, and has small legs in addition to the small ears, with a dotted shape, a small tail, adorned with its thick fur, which requires a great deal of interest. ; Because of their lazy nature.

Himalayan Shirazi Cat
Himalayan Shirazi Cat

3-Half Becky Shirazi Cat

Such Shirazi cats appeared; After the reunion of Becky-Face and Moon Face; It had reason to turn; It is called Half Becky and the most important features of this type are; His eyes are round in shape, appearing asymmetrically, including his nose, which is under the eyes, and his face, which appears as number 8.

Half Becky Shirazi Cat
Half Becky Shirazi Cat

4- Puppet face Shirazi cat

Fish States are entitled to cats; Becky-faced cats and moon-faced cats both have common physical characteristics, but they are very similar in shape to moon-faced cats, but they have smaller limbs than moon-faced cats.

Puppet face Shirazi cat
Puppet face Shirazi cat

5-Becky face Shirazi

Becky-face cats are the most expensive of the Shirazi cats. We can say that this is the most expensive Shirazi cat; Since it possesses all the previous formal features of all kinds of Shirazi cats; But the difference is the same; It has a flat shaped nose at eye level equal to eye color, which is difficult to identify and determine.

Becky Face Shirazi

Becky Face Shirazi

Shirazi is a way to take care of cats

When keeping a Shirazi cat at home, you must take care of its mental health and not neglect it, feed it and caress it and treat it like a member of the household and maintain its cleanliness, bathing should be at least . Once a month, and clean her body, ears and hair. To protect her from parasites and small insects, constantly comb her hair; To remove knots and tangles, and dead hair from it, in addition to giving him the necessary vaccinations, check him regularly; To ensure the safety of his health.

Finally, we will mention the most important advantages of Shirazi Cat, as well as its disadvantages, so that you can get the complete picture in this article about Shirazi Cat.

Benefits of Shirazi Cats

1- These cats are one of the most familiar types of animals in the house and they train their owners quickly without any difficulty and adapt to live in the house.

2- It has a long, thick, soft fur that contrasts with gold, orange, black and white with amazing variety of colors.

3- She has a slightly round face, her nose is short, her legs are short, and she has big wide eyes and she is the most beautiful cat in the world.

4- Shirazi Cat is calm, always has a pleasant mood, loves to play a lot and is safe to play with children, and is able to adapt to other animals living near him.

5- Cats like to sleep a lot and sit for about sixteen hours a day and they are clean cats.

Shirazi cat difficulty

1- Due to the long and thick fur, it always needs care, as they are more likely to pick up small insects or parasites and be infected with various diseases.

2- Kidney failure, but as the cat gets older, the risk of infection increases, one of the symptoms of cat kidney failure is frequent urination.

3- Due to the small size of the nose, it is always prone to shortness of breath and weight loss and depression, so your cat should take good care of exposure to proper ventilation and stay away from unpleasant or annoying places. The smell

4- He has a high risk of eye diseases due to narrowing of the tear duct, so you need to clean his eyes thoroughly and constantly so that the disease does not get infected.

5- Because his heart wall is thick, he has a high risk of heart disease, especially if he is overweight or old and he may die suddenly.

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