The best movie of 2020 … or how did the movie fight the epidemic?

Here, 2020 has passed and we thought it would not pass, a very difficult year in the world, which history will remember with dark memories and an epidemic that changed the lives of millions of people.

And since cinema reflects our lives, in terms of subject matter or changes in the industry under different circumstances, it is natural that the seventh industry is affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, and we still can’t see a good movie about the epidemic, but it’s certainly a long-term one. Has affected. Whether long breaks from production and filming, movie theater closures, slow returns and massive financial losses have affected the entire industry.

We’ve also seen a big change in the way movies are shown and distributed this year, with millions of people criticizing movie presentation on platforms like Netflix in recent months, making these platforms the safest and best outlet to watch, but there’s film which is film on-demand, Are distributed through the platform. As a way to mitigate material damage.

But despite all these losses we have endured this year, 2020 was not without good films that fascinated and delighted millions of movie fans and perhaps in all this darkness this art and other entertainment industries were our safe haven.

In this article, I have selected the best movies of 2020, which I have chosen after many difficult differences between movies, some of which will be on my list of favorites in the coming years, so this list proves that cinema is an art that was created to survive and thrive. . It also helps people overcome difficulties.

Best English Speaking 2020 Movies

1- I’m thinking of finishing things

Charlie Kaufman is truly a distinguished cinematographer, one of the most talented directors alive at the moment, but in spite of this great talent, he encounters difficulties in production which at the same time makes his productions very insignificant and sadly reprehensible.

Since 2015, animated movie Anomalysa, He has not acted in any other movie except this year I am thinking of ending thingsIt is a unique cinematic experience written and directed by him, which takes us into the main character’s mind on a perilous journey between self-doubt and the image of idealism, complex family and emotional relationships.

The movie was full of literary and cinematic references that gave it an extra pleasure in decoding, plus the super-beautiful cinematic image – which did a great deal of damage to its presentation on the Netflix platform – and multiple philosophical and psychological dimensions that added weight and meaning to the work. Different according to the text.

2- Father

Many movies have been made about the relationship between fatherhood and filial piety, especially the father’s aging and his health problems or the bad relationship between him and his children, but how did director Florian Zeller and writer Christopher Hampton recapture the plot? Is this beautiful?

The movie “The Father”, starring Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Coleman, is one of their most beautiful roles, in which Hopkins plays the role of a father with Alzheimer’s or geriatric dementia, where Coleman plays the role of a girl suffering from a sick father. Character

3- Nomadland

Golden Lion Award winning film at the Venice Film Festival. Starring Oscar winner Frances McDormand and directed by Chloe Chow, which is set in the American desert, it is not a traditional Western film, but a special kind of poetic work.

It revolves around a middle-aged woman after the death of her husband, who decides to leave her previous life and start the real life that she had long wanted to travel in the desert using a wagon, from a simple job to another job. Make a living, and enjoy the time in peace.

The movie did not give us a traditional plot of beginning, middle and end, or conflict and climax, none of which was needed, only the subtle journey and decay of transformation into a heroine to become a person close to oneself. The film was one of the most beautiful and soft films of the year, with the exception of the heroine in the social burden, and McDromond’s calm acting and great photography and the use of non-professional actors in almost all the characters.

The best movie of 2020 from outside Hollywood

4- There is no evil

Iranian cinema is constantly trying to overcome censorship and religious difficulties, creating cinematic masterpieces for us every year that prove that extreme localism can be a way of globalization and for the most important prize in the film industry. So there was nothing surprising in the film There is no evil The Golden Bear Award from the Berlin Film Festival was won by Muhammad Rasulouf, not even surprisingly, because of the movie his director entered into a legal crisis and sentenced him to prison, which did not materialize due to circumstances. Corona virus.

The events of the movie take place within the framework of four different stories, each presenting a different face of the same coin, because they were together on a subject, which is the death penalty, but from the point of view of those who are the last step. Dealing with this step, does he consider it a routine act or a murder of his humanity?

5- My favorite fight

My favorite fight A film by director Ilse Burkoska Jacobsen, a documentary work, but due to poor budget and power, he decided to present it in a mix of cartoons, videos and photographs.

It’s about Latvia since World War II, and until it emerged from behind the Soviet state, and how that country, like other communists, suffered from anger, poverty and terror.

You just have to appreciate this very simple movie, but at the same time full of emotion, with a unique plot, you forgot that you are watching a documentary movie, even the animation was separated despite the movie’s bad budget, and I call it the best cartoon movie of 2020. Consider, because this year was devoid of great cartoon movies.

6- Undine

Undine A film directed by Christian Petzgeld, which took place in Berlin recently, but you can only feel an external environment that dominates the work and in fact the movie mixes realism and legend.

The heroine UndineThe one who works in a museum in Berlin and the emergence of a successful relationship from a failed emotional relationship that ends in a tragic outcome is an echo of German legend. Undine And both real and mythical characters combine the same fate.

The film’s heroine, Paula Beer, was nominated for a Silver Beer Award for Best Actress, and the film won the Best Picture award at the last Berlin Festival.

7- Servant

A Slovakian film directed by Ivan Ostruchvsky, which presents another face of dictatorship, affecting the students of a theological school at this time, who are asked to cooperate with the political police, otherwise they will face the most violent consequences, and two students Choose between losing life.

8- Gagarin

Gagarin is a French film about land, identity, family and imagination that sometimes saves us and sometimes kills us.

The events of the movie take place in a huge apartment complex building called Gagarin, as the famous astronaut Yuri Gagarin, who opened this building in the twentieth century.

Yuri is a lonely young man whose mother rejects him in the Gagarin building in search of a new family so that the building, with details of its occupants and elements, becomes pregnant for him, and when the Gagarin building threatens to collapse due to age, he tries to save it by all means.

Eventually, when all his earthly solutions come to an end, he decides to embark on a journey into space where consciousness merges with the unconscious, and Gagarin’s men must save him to return to life.

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