The most famous type of ornamental bird or pet bird and their names

Many people like birds and many people like to keep a bird in his house, but can birds be kept at home? It remains a question that launches for everyone who wants to own a type of pet bird in their own home.

Therefore, and in this matter, you, God willing, will be acquainted with most kinds Pet birds The seven birds that are kept at home with the pictures and names of these beautiful birds are as follows:


Canary bird

Buzzing birds

The zebra bird

Cockatiel birds.

Lovebirds – a small parrot.

Goa birds.

There are different types Pet birds In addition to this, we will present to you the most famous and easiest breeding in this regard, so that one of these birds does not require extraordinary skill to take care of or some of the birds bring your burden and fatigue according to what is needed during rearing. Them

Kind of Pet birds Which can be easily taken home:

1- Goldfinch

Pet birds

Goldfinch is popular and widespread in the countries of the Mediterranean basin, and it is famous for its Twitter beauty, body beauty and shape, and in Goldfinch, several colors blend in a beautiful and pleasing way.

2- Canary bird

Pet birds

Like the goldfinch, the canary bird is bred for its tweeting, the canary is famous for its flamboyance of tweeting and is well-known in most countries of the world, so it is widely reared and has a wide variety of canaries. Such as temperdo. And York and many more.

3- Buzzing birds

Pet birds

Bagji or Birush is one of the most famous Pet birdsLike Canary in terms of popularity, I think, but what distinguishes Betari from Canary is that the parrot family has buddy feathers that carry bright colors as shown in the picture, but not to the advantage of tweeting, on the contrary, it makes a sound that As annoying as it may seem to some, two pairs of bets are often raised in one cage.

4- The zebra bird

Pet birds

The zebra bird is a beautiful, small and colorful bird that some people are keen to keep at home because of its beauty and its beautiful, calm voice. The zebra bird is considered to be one of the birds that came from Australia and this species prefers to live in open pastures and bushes and eat the seeds.

5- Cockatiel birds

Pet birds

The cockatiel or curavan parrot or challopset is a bird of the medium-sized parrot family that lives in Australia, especially in humid and forested areas, and has a lot of value as one. Pet birds, And these parrots are famous for their politeness and they are social, friendly, calm, easy to raise and now more popular among parrots, and this beautiful bird is known for its long feathers on the top of its head, A slight diagonal crest indicates the bird’s calmness and relaxation, and its most important feature is that it has orange spots on the side of the head that may not be present in some species. There are many types.

৬- Goa birds

Pet birds

A Java or Goa bird near the zebra, whose origin goes back to Indonesia, it is bred as a beautiful bird species, it can be fed on canary and zebra presented seeds and as shown in the picture, the bird has beautiful Java and another species with gray feathers. And has a white beard.

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