You only need 4 muscle-building exercises at home!

When it comes to simplifying things; The old adage “less is better” comes to mind, but people of all genders and impressions exaggerate the complexities. They think that if they add more exercise or complicate their daily exercise program, they will get better results. But stop for a moment and simply look, you only need 4 muscle building exercises at home.

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Push-up exercise, or as it is called “push-up”, is the ideal exercise to build and strengthen the upper body. It is a complex exercise that targets the muscles of the chest, shoulders, back, abdomen, triceps and even the legs.

The advantage of push-ups

The development of upper extremity muscles that play an important role in push-ups, such as the shoulder muscles, the chest muscles, the bilateral and triceps muscles in the arms, and the spinal muscles. Abdominal muscles are used to keep the body strong during push-up exercises, they are straight and transverse abdominal muscles, because there are many joints in the body that need to be kept stable, so the exercise has been described as a composite exercise.

In our daily lives we often have to push and push things like doors and shopping carts, so the muscle fitness that you build as you do pushups will serve you well. Push-ups are also considered a measure of general fitness, allowing you to evaluate whether you need to put more effort into keeping your body in an acceptable position.

An error occurred while doing push-ups

– Relax the body in the middle part of the body, which is the abdomen

– Excessive neck raising or relaxation.

– Keep hands in an upright position during exercise.

– Movement limited.


It can be said that squatting is one of the best exercises to build the lower part of the body and add strength to the legs, as this exercise employs several muscles and joints at the same time, as it requires constant practice as well as following instructions to master it. Safely

The benefits of squat exercises

Squat exercises give strength and endurance as well as build lower body muscles. The heart is also involved in this stage, which improves strength and stability in the upper body. Many world-class athletes use squat exercises as a basis for their weight-loss programs.

The main muscles involved in this exercise are thigh muscles (anterior part) and gluteal muscles (buttocks) and also the back muscles, transverse abdomen, gluteus maximus, gluteus minor, adductor, soleus muscle, secondary role of calf. Muscles, and hamstrings.

This exercise can vary greatly, as older and older people can do half-squat, aerobic and short. This is especially beneficial for women who write overweight, but need to learn how to apply it safely so that you do not get injured or hurt.

Mistakes made while doing squat exercises

– Insufficient experience to exercise.

– Bending of the spine.

– Do not touch the ground during exercise.

Pull up

Pull-up exercises, or pull-ups, are one of the best exercises for upper body and back formation. This requires holding an iron rod in the hand, then repeatedly lifting and lowering the body. Pull-up exercises are one of the hardest exercises that can be done at home because it requires physical fitness and strength in the arm and back muscles, so it can be a barrier for beginners.

The advantage of a pull up exercise

The pull-up exercise primarily targets the broad and large back muscles, located on the back of your arm, but also includes and manages most chest muscles, upper back and shoulders, and helps ensure abdominal muscles stability. Of the body while exercising

Errors performed while performing a pull-up exercise

– Speed ​​up or slow down while exercising.

– Excessively open hands.

– Less and less movement.

– Removal of excess elbows from the body.

– Swing during exercise.


The dips exercise or diving exercise is one of the best exercises for developing the muscles of the chest, shoulders and triceps. The reason for this nomenclature is the way it is implemented, since a person bends his arms at two 90-degree angles, dipping or dipping his body between two parallel bars, and continues to bend up and down with his legs bent until he feels tired. .

Dips exercise poses a big challenge if you suffer from weakness in the upper part of the body, especially in the arms, because the whole weight of the body is placed on the shoulders. Since you must start this exercise a normal and limited number of times in the first period to avoid any damage to muscles and joints.

The Benefits of Deep Exercise

Diving exercises contribute to strengthening the triceps muscles of the back arm, shoulder muscles and upper pectoral muscles. The primary function of the triceps muscle in the arm is to lift the body and maintain body balance, and this is what we need during many daily activities.

Mistakes have been made while exercising dips

– Turn your back.

– Shoulders are raised and tilted too far forward.

– Tilt the body forward while exercising.


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